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Is digital TV the same as high definition TV?

No they are different formats.

Does the tv have a built in digital tuner?

High Definition TV Tuner Built-In for over the air,Satelitte direct tv tuner added on for Digital.

Do you need a high definition TV if you have digital cable?

No. Your SD digital cable box will output Standard definition to your analog tv. If you do not have a cable box but have digital cable direct into your tv then you need a digital tuner. This does not need to be HD for Standard definition. If you do have a HD digital cable box then Yes you need a HD tv to view the HD channels.

What is an asymmetric digital subscriber line?

An asymmetric digital subscriber line is a communications system characterized by moderately high speeds, different in each direction.

What is the most advanced form of digital television?

The most advanced form of digital television is an HDTV. This type of television offers a high definition picture with spectacular resolution.

What has the author Matthieu Joosten written?

Matthieu Joosten has written: 'High and digital?' 'High definition television'

What is the difference between HDTV and digital television?

High Definition (HD) is a form of digital television. High Definition is the highest quality of digital television available with the highest resolution, which results in superior picture quality. Listed below are some commonly found digital television resolutions. High Definition is also broadcast in widescreen format, otherwise known as 16:9 aspect ratio. Standard definition is broadcast in 4:3, which is a similar format to analog. Here are some commonly found digital resolutions: • 640x480 pixels (Standard Definition) • 1280x720 pixels (High Definition) • 1920x1080 pixels (High Definition - Often referred to as Full HD or True HD because this is the highest resolution available.)

When was High Definition Compatible Digital created?

High Definition Compatible Digital was created in 1995.

What is the benefit of digital TV receivers?

Digital TV receivers offer high definition broadcasting and a clear combination of audio and video. Digital TV receivers attach directly to your TV with a cable and do not require any additional hardware.

What does DSL stand for?

Digital subscriber line dismally slow line� haha, saw it on a billboard - thought it was funny/TRUE originally stood for digital subscriber loop. It is broadband technology that allows high-speed internet access through your standard phone line.

HD TV was introduced in what year?

High Definition Television or HDTV was originally coined in 1936. The class of television sets then were considered high-definition when comparing them to earlier versions. Over the years, many television sets have been called High Definition, but the current idea of digital HDTV began field testing in 1994.

Which type of broadband internet uses the phone line to carry digital signals at high speeds?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

Whatv is the dlp and HDTV?

DIP stands for Digital Light Projection, HDTV stands for High Definition Television.

What will happen when High definition TV will start in February will one be able to use the old televisions or have to join a cable company?

Well in 2009 tv will not go to all high definition it will switch from analog to digital meaning that if you are not assigned to a cable company or satellite company you will not be able to watch tv. unless you either join a cable provider or satellite provider or get a digital box. High definition in it self is something totally different than whats going on in february.

Will your new digital tv handle comcast digital cable?

Very probably yes. If your new TV is High Definition, you will need to get a new HD cable box from Comcast, for which the fee is a little higher.

Who makes westinghouse tv?

Westinghouse Digital LLC is the maker and manufacturer of Westinghouse TVs. They were the first manufacturer of ultra high definition televisions which are also known ad 4D TVs.

What are the features of a HD Digital Camera?

HD cameras have the ability to offer full compatibility with high definition television systems and display clearer photos and videos. HD stands for High Definition.

Can you connect a high definition tv to regular digital cable?

You'll need a new converter box from your cable provider.

What is HMDI on a TV?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) refers to a digital audio and video interface format that is uncompressed.

What is Digital HD?

Digital HD is streaming or downloading stunning high definition picture.

Is a Toshiba 48 theater view tv high definition?

No, it is an analog tv and requires a digital converter box to receive a digital signal off the air. No problem if you have satellite or cable service. Either way, the image will not be HD.

What is the difference between high definition and plasma television?

High definition refers to the quality of the picture, and plasma refers to the type of screen. All plasmas will be high definition, but not all high definition TVs will be plasma.

Who makes olevia televisions?

With its Olevia and Vivitar brands, Syntax-Brillian is a leading manufacturer of High-Definition televisions and digital cameras. lg makes the olevia lcd screens.

What is the largest size of high definition television available?

The largest high definition television available would have to be the Panasonic 152 inch full high definition 3 Dimensional plasma screen television.

What Is A HD-TV?

It stands for High Definition Television.