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Theropods only walked on two legs. Some types of small ornithopods were also completely bipedal.

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Q: What dinosaurs only walk on two legs?
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What is another for a dinosaurs with two legs?

Dinosaurs that walk on two legs are called "bipeds". The term applies to all animals that walk on two legs.

What are dinosaurs characteristics?

big reptilian and walk on only four or two legs

Do all the carnivore dinosaurs walk on four legs?

No. all carnivorous dinosaurs walked on two legs.

Were all carnivore dinosaurs walk on two legs?

Yes. All dinosaurs were two legged to run fast and catch prey.

Why did dinosaurs like tyrannosaurs walk on two legs?

because they are therapods, which mean two feeted

Do dinosorious have four knees?

Yes, the dinosaurs that have two legs only have two knees. If the dinosaurs have four legs it has four knees

How many legs did velociraptors walk on?

Like all known carnivorous dinosaurs velociraptor walked on two legs.

How many legs did the earliest dinosaurs walk on?

The Oldest Dinosaur fossil ever found was a omniraptor, and it walked on two legs.

Can bears walk on two legs uphill?

A bear can walk on two legs but only for a few steps even up hill.

Why did dinosaur walk on four legs?

Animals walk on four legs because it is more stable than walking on two legs. Dinosaurs were very large, and it would have taken a lot of energy for them to walk on two legs. The ones who did walk on two legs were usually predators (like Tyrannosaurus rex or velociraptor) because they could get more energy from eating other animals than from eating plants.

What dinosaurs are biped?

Theropods were the main bipedal dinosaurs. However, some small ornithopods, like Orodromeus, were bipeds, and hadrosaurs could walk on two or four legs.

What do you call a dinosaurs that walks with the four legs?

Any animal that walks on four legs is called a quadruped. Quadrupedal dinosaurs include ceratopsians (like Triceratops), sauropods (like Brontosaurus [correctly called Apatosaurus], stegosaurs (dinosaurs with triangular "plates" on their back), ankylosaurs (armored herbivorous dinosaurs), and hadrosaurs (although they could also walk on two legs. An animal that walks on two legs is called a biped).

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