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What direction does the Missouri River flow?


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August 31, 2014 2:03AM

The Missouri River starts with the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers, flowing together near Three Forks, in south central Montana.

As the Missouri River begins at West - 111 degrees and 29 minutes and about 36seconds, it is flowing slightly east and very north. This easterly flow only lasts for several miles as it flows mostly north, it does a couple of double-backs, and then heads slightly west toward Townsend, Montana.

Northward, and slightly westward to approximately West-112 degrees and 1 minute. That is westward a total of abut 32 minutes.

The northward flow lasts from about North - 45 degrees 56 min and 19 seconds, at the confluence of the last of the three mother forks, to about North - 48 degrees 10 minutes near Hofflund Bay, Missouri River, North Dakota.

The Missouri finally commits to flow south as it flows easterly after many hundreds of river miles.

By the time it reaches the Mississippi, it has flowed in nearly all directions, and 2,340 river miles, making it the longest river in the USA.
The Missouri River generally flows south and east, entering the Mississippi River near St. Louis. The "Big Muddy," as its called, receives it source from the Rocky Mountains in Montana. It travels east just below the Canadian border into North Dakota where it turns south into South Dakota. The river travels into Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas. In Missouri, it runs eastward into the Mississippi River. The Missouri River is considered a tributary of the Mississippi yet its not only longer than the Mississippi itself, but its the longest river in the United States flowing about 2,500 miles.