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Q: What direction most of the traffic flowed on route 66?
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What is the meaning of traffic counter flow?

Traffic moving the opposite direction of most other traffic

Why is a mac address sufficient to route traffic locally?

A MAC address is sufficient to route traffic locally on a network because it provides the needed information with regard to the equipment's location. This is true for most level 2 network traffic.

What direction would you head if you wanted to travel the shortest route from the US to Europe?

The shortest route from the US to Europe would be to head east across the Atlantic Ocean. The shortest route would be a great circle route from the western most extreme of Europe to the eastern most extreme of the US.

Going the most direct route, in what direction would you travel from the center of Asia to the center of Australia GET THIS RIGHT is itSouthwestSoutheastNorthwestNortheast?


How long does mail take from Annapolis md to easton md?

With average traffic, about 45 minutes. 97 N to 695 E is the most direct route. If traffic is extremely heavy, it could take twice as much time.

If you travel to England from the United States which direction would we travel?

most common route is to fly over the Atlantic ocean (i.e. fly east)

What Is The Most Common Route?

route 66

Can you get driving directions to avoid tunnels?

You can get driving directions for your GPS or computer bypassing tunnels, but why would you want to? The tunnels are usually the most direct route to your destination with little to no traffic jams and without all of the traffic lights on the surface roads.

What helped most to carve out the grand canyon?

The river that flowed through it caused erosion to the surface.

Who informs the pilot which route he should fly?

The pilot or airline files a flight plan, then Air Traffic Control decides the route.

What website has the most traffic?

You go on a highway you find traffic

What network hardware allows most traffic collisions?

A hub creates the most traffic collisions.

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