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Q: What disease did sailors get from a lack of fruit and vegetable?
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Why scurvy is called sailors disease?

Hundreds of years ago, sailors used to get this disease from a lack of vitamin C. There was no good way to store citrus fruit on long voyages and the sailors would become sick. English sailors used to be nicknamed 'limeys'. That is bacause they would bring limes with them and suck on the limes to prevent scurvey.

Use scurvy in a sentence?

'You scurvy dog(s)!' '...when the ship was struck with scurvy...' (Meaning the disease which comes about with a lack of fruit in the diet. Usually happened to sailors.)

Why scurvey called sailors disease?

Because in older times (Like over a hudred years ago) sailors got it more than land based people due to the lack of fruit and vegetables in their diet.

What diseases are caused by not eating fruit?

None ... but I think you're looking for scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C. Before the days of supplements, this was a common condition among sailors. (hence "limy" for British sailors.

What disease is caused by lack of fruit and vegetables?


What kind of disease is colera?

Cholera is a disease that sailors on ships used to get due to lack of vegetables with vitamin C.

What does lack of fruit and vegetable do to to your body?

you get tried, feel down and cart be bothered

What disease do you get if you lack vitamin A?

You get a disease called scurvy to prevent it eat lots of fruit.

Why scurvy was prevalent among the sailors?

scurvy was prevalant among the sailors, as they spent months on board a ship without fresh vegetables and fruit. this lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, meant a lack of vitamin c. a deficiency of vitamin c is what causes scurvy.

What kind of disease sailors got in the 1400s?

sailers in the 1400s suffered from scurvy because of the lack of vitman C.x

What causes thin blood?

malnutrition, lack of hemoglobin, etc eat planty of fruit vegetable do exercise

Can any disease be caused by a lack of 'fresh' fruit and vegetables?

scurvy, pirates used to get it

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