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Common diseases and illnesses in the trenches were that there were many rats in the trenches, this gave the soldiers diseases.

There was trench foot, which made their feet turn rot and swell up from the moisture. Some people said they could put a bayonet through their foot and they wouldn't feel it

There was also trench fever, which was found to be caused by lice, and in the last year of the war, the "Spanish Flu" hit the world, including the trenches of Europe.

In the War Diary I studied, the most common illnesses were boils and skin problems or ICT the soldiers were vaccinated against typhoid.

Lastly shell shock and blindness or burns from mustard gas.

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Q: What diseases and illnesses were common in the trenches of World War 1?
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What diseases and illnesses were common in the trenches of World War 2?

common illnesses were: * shell shock * trench foot * as well as blindness or burns from mustard gas bombs

What diseases did soldiers in World War I get from trenches?

the diseases the soldiers get in d world war 1, waht trench mouth

Facts about the trenches and World War 1?

well in them days it was very tough and in the trenches they could get diseases from rats, mice and many other animals carrying disease. The trenches were the most common time for attack. also this is where they clean all their weapons and get ready to fight!

What was the disease in World War I trenches?

the diseases in world war 1 was trench foot, shellpox

What diseases did the trenches in World War 1 have?

Spanish Flu and Trench Foot.

What were the diseases caused in the first world war?

Gassing caused blindness and lung damage, and the cramped conditions in trenches resulted in the spread of typhus, numerous other louse and flea-borne illnesses, and in 1918, a deadly flu epidemic.

What were the diseases in World War 1 trenches?

One of the disease that the Trench soldiers had where the Trench mouth.

What did the trenches in World War 1 do to the soldiers?

gave them trench foot and gave them horrible diseases like that and pneumonia

What type off diseases were there in World War 1 please answer quickly i need it for my homework?

Gangrene, hepatitis, and trenches

What was life like in the trenches of World War I?

Life in the trenches of World War I was no picnic. Specifically, snipers and disease caused soldiers to die on a daily basis. There were rat infestations in the trenches, and lice and other vermin were common problems.

What were the trenches like for the men in world war 1?

The trenches were a very distressing place. Diseases' were caught such as trench foot. The the only cure was to have your legs amputated.

How were diseases caught in the World War I trenches?

bacause all the dead bodies also because of the millions of rats

What did the new trenches like in World War 1?

The trenches of World War I were terrifying. It was possible to die from sniper fire, diseases, and an overall lack of hygiene. It would have been an incredibly difficult living situation, and many men broke under the stress.

What where the 2 most common diseases in the trench in world war?

the most common disease in the world is h.i.v, aids.

What was the most common food they ate in the trenches of World War 1?

I believe it was bully beef

How many ferret diseases are in the world?

Ferrets do not carry any diseases, but they are subject to be infected with various illnesses from humans, cats, dogs, minks, etc, mostly viruses which are always evolving and changing, which means there are too many variables to say how many diseases are in this world. If I placed a number on diseases, tomorrow that number would be subject to change

What diseases were carried by rats in world war 1?

Rats carried many diseases but one of the most tragic diseases was the plague, also known as the "Black Death". Rats also caused Vile's disease which affected in the men in the trenches.

What does the trenches mean in World War 1?

they fought in the trenches ww1 was known as a war in the trenches

What are the top 5 communicable diseases in the world?

The common cold, gasteroenteritis, strep throat, pink eye, and fifth disease are the most common communicable diseases.

What was the hygine like in trenches in World War 1?

Health and diseases in the trenches during World War I was a major concern. Men killed in battle were often buried close to the surface and would reappear in time. Rat infestations occurred, leading to the rats feeding on live soldiers as they slept. Lice and influenza were major problems for those living in the trenches.

What type of illnesses were there in the trenches during World War 1?

Trench foot youn foot grows to 2-3 times it's normall size (in swelling)

What were the possible hazards faced by soldiers in the trenches during World War 1?

Trench foot. Shell shock. Dysentery. Diseases. Lack of sanitation. rats.

What you know about World War I?

the countries had dug trenches (a long narrow ditch) to avoid enemy fire however most people who was involved in the war had not died from each but died from diseases, the trenches were horrible rats lived there and many people died there. world war 1 was the worst war.

Who constructed the trenches in World War 1?

The soldiers built the trenches.

What was it like to be in World War 1?

Fighting in World War I would have been very dirty, bloody, and brutal. It would have been common to have few rations, and to be terrified constantly of being shot, gassed, or blown up. Furthermore, diseases and illnesses, like trenchfoot, were a very serious problem.