What diseases are caused by not washing your hands?

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Is there conclusive evidence that exposure to second-hand smoke causes heart disease or cancer?

OPINION (see facts below) There is absolutely noproven evidence that cigarette smoking alone causes cancer or thatsecondhand smoke causes cancer. There are more environmental issues(car exhaust, pollution of the air in general) that can cause lungcancer and not all people get lung cancer or die fr ( Full Answer )

Can hashimoto disease make someone think that people give off bad energy and if you do not wash your hands when they ask you to they will get sick or panic?

Hashimoto Disease is to do with a dysfunctional thyroid and there is no known cure. There are no symptoms such as the patient feeling some people give off bad energy or get sick or panic if someone doesn't wash their hands when asked. However, it's possible that the medications the doctor has given ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of hand foot and mouth disease?

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is caused by a group of enteroviruses - the same group that includes polio viruses, coxsackie viruses, and echoviruses. The virus is spread by contact with bodily fluids such as saliva, mucus, or feces - people who do not wash their hands properly spread the virus, and ( Full Answer )

What is hand washing?

Hand washing is the act of cleaning ones hands. Hand washing isdone with soap and warm water to clean and remove germs and dirt.

When should you wash your hands?

One can never wash their hands too many times every day. Always wash before handling any kind of edible foods, or before touching any part of your body.. In addition to that, you should always wash your hands 1) After returning home from outdoors, especially if you are muddy. 2) After going to ( Full Answer )

Can sperm be transfered from washed hand to tampon and cause pregnancy?

No, this is not possible. Sperm cannot survive for long outside of the body, if a woman haswashed her hands then all the sperm has also been washed away sonone would get on the tampon - let alone enough to then impregnateher, also during menstruation a woman is less likely to be fertileso pregnancy ( Full Answer )

How do you wash hands?

1) Firstly wet your hands. This stops the detergent running don thesink, and dilutes the detergent a little to stop your handsbecoming dry. 2) Apply Soap (not too much) 3) Rub your hands Palm to Palm 4) Rub the back of each hand with the palm of the other hand withyour fingers interlaced. 5) Rub ( Full Answer )

When do you wash your hands?

So when are the best times to wash your hands? . when your hands are dirty . before eating or touching food (like if you're helping cook or bake, for example) . after using the bathroom . after blowing your nose or coughing . after touching pets or other animals . after playing outside . befo ( Full Answer )

Is their a disease that causes your hands to shake?

The most severe disease with this symptom is Parkinson's, but this is usually not the case and is most likely something non-serious, such as having too much caffiene, having a low blood sugar level and anxiety. One thing that it can be is Essential Tremor, or what the other person said Parkinson's ( Full Answer )

How does the policy that requires food service workers to wash their hands help prevent communicable disease?

It does not prevent communicable disease completely due to a lot of germs floating in the air. Without touching anyone, you can still breathe the air they breathe and get sick. Washing your hands will HELP prevent diseases being spread, especially after using the restroom or taking out the trash, et ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to wash your hands?

You have to wash you hands because you use your hands to touch EVERYTHING so they collect a lot of bacteria which can cause you to become ill or to catch a virus. Also when you touch something you touch all the germs from anyone else who has touched that object.

What washes better hand wash or machine wash?

Research has show that machine washing has many more benefits thanhand washing. One of the biggest benefits of machine washing is theremoval of more bacteria from the materials.

When and how to washed hands?

When to wash your hands: You should wash your hands before and after handling food, when switching from raw to cooked food, after touching your face, hair, clothing, contaminated surfaces (like a wiping cloth, the garbage can, cigarettes, water bottles) and anytime they are or may be contaminated.. ( Full Answer )

Why do you wash your hands?

You wash your hands because germs form on them and if you dont your hands will get infected or dirty. and because if you eat after you don't wash your hands you can get seriously sick and then you can die(idk if that can really happen) and also that is just plain gross! i mean seriously!!!!!!!!8)

What is the cause of hand food mouth disease?

Just a virus and you could be done with going to the NHS because if you have it serious then they might be able to give you some medication for it other than that i dunno because you need to see your NHS instead of serving it on the internet because people might be incorrect or just gave put a silly ( Full Answer )

Does second hand smoking cause heart disease?

Passive smoking is the inhalation of smoke, called secondhand smoke (SHS) or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), from tobacco products used by others. It occurs when tobacco smoke permeates any environment, causing its inhalation by people within that environment. Scientific evidence shows that expos ( Full Answer )

Does proper hand washing sterilize hands?

Having your hands sterile a majority of the time is not always the best thing for your skin. Anti-bacterial soaps and sanitizers eliminate all bacteria on your skin- whether it is good bacteria or bad bacteria. By eliminating the good bacteria on your skin that regulates viruses and such things, you ( Full Answer )

What are the causes of hand washing?

Well i am a obsessive hand washer and i mostly see that my hands go red and they look like 70 year old hand's scratch too if they are really red however there is a way to undo this what you do it take a tiny bit of water and ALOT cream on a tissue and you gently stroke your hand with it and after a ( Full Answer )

Which is better Hand sanitizier or washing your hands?

Definitely washing your hands!!!! only because when you put o hand sanitizer there are a bunch of chemicals you don't even need......if you don't believe me go look it up some place or even ask a friend.......but i know i am right!

Why is washing hands so important?

The reason we wash are hands is because that when we wash are hands we are eliminating bacteria. Like if you start eating right and if you start eating and don't wash your hands you will probably get sick.

How do you wash polyurethane off hands?

Use vegetable oil or peanut butter to soften the paint and then wash it off. Using paint thinner on skin is problematic for your health. After this, plan to use plastic gloves when painting--uncomfortable, but so easily cleaned up! Answer It depends if the paint is dry or not,When wet, you'll ( Full Answer )

Why do you wash your hands before cooking?

Hand washing is the best way to prevent germs from spreading. Think of how many things you do with your hands ... it's a lot! While cooking food will remove many germs you are touching the food after it has been cooked. If you have not washed your hands before preparing a meal, germs can be transfer ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims have to wash their hands to pray?

Praise be to Allaah.. Performing the five Salat (Prayer) daily, mandatory prayers (prayer include standing, bowing, prostrating, reciting parts of the Qur'an, praising, and remembring Allah, asking for His Mercy, forgivness and Paradise).. Before performing Salat, we must perfome abulation "Wudoo" ( Full Answer )

How does washing your hands help prevent the spread of disease?

Microbes that cause disease are actually "things". Things that can be washed off like dirt. They can be washed off your hands before you touch yourself with the germs still on your hands. If you have the pathogens on your hands and then touch your nose, mouth, or eyes, the chance of getting the infe ( Full Answer )

What is a purpose of hand washing?

When you don't wash your hands, tons of bacteria can spread all around you, causing sickness, all the things you touch have bacteria it's best to keep up with washing your hands especially after touching anything in public, using the restroom, sneezing, always wash your hands for your safety health ( Full Answer )

How many diseases can you get from not washing your hands?

Common symptoms of Norovirus are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Norovirus are transmitted via the faecal-oral route, disease can spread if you don't wash your hands well after using the toilet

When you must wash your hands?

You must wash your hands before cooking because there are some dirt on your hands and if you don't wash them then you will basically be eating dirt

Is is germier to wash your hands or not wash your hands?

It is most definitely 'germier' to Not wash your hands versus washing them. Our hands touch many, many things that can make us and others sick. Always wash your hands as often as you get the chance, preferably with soap and warm water. If you are in a circumstance where the only public restroom ( Full Answer )

Which disease is caused when you don't wash hands?

pretty much any disease or virus that is caught by entering the body. HIV or AIDS can only be caught if you have a cut on your finger, and it's bleeding, and someone's blood that was infected gets onto your cut and you don't wash your hands immediately. but what are the chances of that happening?