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Any! Cut him off! If you know for sure he is cheating then kick his hide out that door! This is no game! He is risking not only his own health, but yours. Some of the diseases are AIDS, HIV, Genital Herpes and Gonorrhea is back on the rise again.

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Is it illegal for a wife to cheat on a deployed husband?

YES.Cheating is cheating is cheating is cheating. They could be on the MOON and it would be NO different.

Your ex husband says your husband is cheating on you with a co worker should you believe him?

you could believe him and ask about it or you could just ignore it!

Once a husband earns his trust back from wife after he cheated on her would he go back to cheating?

That could happen. If it did, he'd probably be much harder to catch at it a second time.

How do you know if your husband is not cheating any more?

There really isn't a way to know if your husband is not cheating any more. You will need to trust that when he tells you he is not cheating that he is not. Of course, you could hire a private investigator to follow him 24/7.

What does it mean when your husband admits to cheating on you in your dream?

Then maybe he is cheating on you, but dont worry too much...sometimes dreams arent based on real could just mean that you think your husband is cheating on you, it doesnt mean he really is.

Should you sleep with your cheating husband?

Heck no - you could end up with a disease, kick him out.

Should you have your husband tested after you found out he was cheating on you?

yes, there could be big health risks if you did not, for you and him

How do you catch a cheating wife?

There are two ways to catch your wife if she is cheating: #1 you can ask a friend if he will drive you around to see where your wife goes and try to catch her that way or, #2 hire a detective on the days you feel your wife is cheating (sometimes it could be during the week or specifically on the weekends.)

Could you catch trainers Pokemon using masterball without cheats?

No you can only do it with cheating

What does it mean when you dream you are cheating on your husband?

* It just means it's a dream. It's not uncommon for either partner to dream about cheating on their mate. Everyone has fantasy's. It's not enough to worry about, unless you have had thoughts about cheating for real on your husband. Then that could constitute a guilty conscience.

What diseases could you catch in a World War 1 trench?

ya mum

What does dreaming of your husband with other women mean?

Could mean that you fantasize watching your husband sleeping with other women, it's a RANDOM dream, or it could mean you have a deep fear of him cheating on you.

Should you tell your cheating husband to wear a condom?

What you should do is tell your cheating husband to go "f"ind himself! Tell him to get out of your life. Why you would even want to make love to this creep is beyond me. He has no respect for you at all, and, he could be coming home with some sexually transmitted diseases. If he is so eager to sleep around, kick this waste of skin to the road and out of your life. He won't change!

What dream would you have to let you know that your husband was cheating on you?

Don't count on dreams with such a serious issue such as your husband cheating on you. The subconscious can pick up many things during a given day or, you even watch something on TV where a husband has cheated on his wife and if you are not confident in yourself you could have a dream where your husband is cheating. If you want to know for sure because you heavily suspect he is then sit down and talk it over (good communication skills.) It is probably not likely he is cheating.

How do you break into cheating boyfriends razr passcode?

Whether your boyfriend is cheating or not you have no business breaking into his razr passcode and it is an illegal act. Since you feel he is cheating then confront him about it or, you could catch him red-handed because if he is cheating online then he is probably cheating someone where you live.

What are 10 solid polygraph questions to ask a potential cheating husband?

Why torture yourself over 10 solid polygraph questions to ask a potential cheating husband when there is no way he will ever receive a polygraph test and even if he did they are not 100 percent accurate. If you want to find out if your husband is cheating then take a friend; use her car and follow him on the nights you think he is cheating. Be sure there are clues he is cheating because if he finds out you are following him or doubting him and he really isn't cheating it could well ruin your marriage. You could check his cell phone; text messages; emails and credit card statements.

How can you do your homework by cheating?

WikiAnswers is not going to help you cheat - cheating is lying and stealing and it's wrong! Plus you could get suspended and even expelled when they catch you doing it.

What should you do if your husband is using a different name to work?

AnswerAsk him why, it could be a tax or welfare fiddle?or hes cheating.

How can you use the internet to find out if your husband is cheating?

Well, I guess you could use it to find a good private detective.

How do you know when your husband start cheating on you?

There are some things that may indicate that your husband is cheating on you. However, unless you catch him or he admits it, it is hard to know for sure. Some signs are changes in the way he treats you. He may be distracted, spending less time at home. He could suddenly spend more time texting or leaving the room to make phone calls. He could start going out more often, or staying at work later. He might also become more secretive.

Could your husband be cheating if he lost his job and stays away overnight?

Could be. But doesn't mean he is. Why is he staying away at night regardless of job prob?

How do you get a court order to view text messages of a cheating husband?

It is doubtful you could get court order because of cheating. There may be circumstances during a divorce where a judge might grant such a thing.

What could a jealous wife do if she thought or knew her husband is cheating on her according to the BIBLE and Jewish Law?

Slap him in the face and get a divorce??

Can humans catch pigeons diseases?

Birds could be harmul for persons with lung illness lke asthma.

How should you catch your girlfriend cheating?

You could hire a private investigator. A much less expensive way is to ask her directly.

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