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Pediatricians see all kinds of diseases, although a large portion of most pediatricians' days is spent seeing healthy babies and kids as regular check-ups, sports physicals, and so on. Many of the people who come in who are sick have viral illnesses (like the common cold) or infections such as strep throat. Other kids come in with skin problems (such as acne), breathing difficulties (like Asthma), or stomach problems. They also see more serious diseases that require sending the kids to specialists, such as heart problems or cancer. Basically, if a disease is out there and a kid has it, a pediatrician (or family physician who sees kids as well) will see it one time or another. Hope this helps! Dr. B. pediatricians see atmatics, bronchlitis, chest, kidney infections.Depending on where you live, here in N Ireland a paeditrician observes hearing problems, other referals by school nurse. Although not an illness, child abuse and suspected cases are monitored by paeditricians with other members of health care team . i ii

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Q: What diseases does a pediatrician encounter?
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Who treats diseases and disorders of children?


What do you call a doctor who specialise in children's diseases?

A pediatrician specializes in treating children and their diseases.

What kind of doctor treats child diseases?


What all does a pediatrician do?

he or she takes care of little children and their diseases.

Describe a pediatrician?

A medical practitioner specializing in children and their diseases.

What does a pediatrician do and how to describe it?

A medical practitioner specializing in children and their diseases.

What benefit the pediatrician have?

The pediatrician has spent their entire medical life on adolescent medicine. They are specialists in child care, child diseases and the like.

What is the medical term meaning specialist in the study of children and their diseases?

A pediatrician.A pediatricianPediatricians are medical doctors that specialize in dealing with children.

A doctor who cures diseases of little babies?

Pediatrician or, if they are very little, neonatologist.

What is the job description of a pediatrician?

A pediatrician provides care for infants, children and teenagers. They specialise in treating and diagnosing a variety of illnesses and diseases specific to young people.

What is a pediatrician's duties and responsibilities?

you are supposed to diagnose,treat, and help prevent children's diseases.

What term is a physician who specializes in diagnosing treating and preventing disorders and diseases of children?


Why do you need biology to become a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a fully licensed doctor who specializes in diseases affecting children. This would mean that a pediatrician would have to be well versed in human biology and attend medical school before being able to practice.

What is a doctor that studies children's diseases?

That doctor is called as paediatrician in UK and India and pediatrician in US.

What problems did the colonists encounter?

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What is a summary of being a Pediatrician?

Being a pediatrician takes alot of work study but at the end its worth your time a pediatrician works with children helping them grow health get rid of diseases and maybe even saving a child's life.

What hardships did Samuel de Champlain encounter?

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Did Samuel de Champlain encounter any diseases on his voyages?

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What is a paediatrician doctor?

a pediatrician doctor is one that is specialized in pediatrics. i.e. specialized in babies and young children diseases.

Do pediatricians diagnose children with diseases?

A pediatrician is a doctor especially for children. A children's doctor. This is his/her specialist subject and qualification.

What are some big problems that pediatrician face daily?

infections, injuries, and and many types of organic diseases and dysfunction

Why is it important to be a pediatrician?

It is of importance basically because pediatricians treat child diseases and there is always shortage of peditricians in the world.

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Is pediatrics and pediatrician the same thing?

Pedriatrician is the doctor that practices (practitioner) pediatrics : the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases

Pediatrician get paid for?

Pediatricians get paid for their services in taking care of the children as well their developments, and for prevention and treatment of children's diseases.