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Q: What disorders do Boston terrier puppies tend to have?
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What is a Boston Terrier?

A Boston Terrier is a Dog that is either black, brindle, or seal and always has white markings (Generally on the chest, on the feet, and between the eyes). They are a small dog, 15-25 lbs, but have a strong build. They also have short tails, that are some times bend. They are intelligent dogs, and tend to be 'one person' dogs.

Is it common for the Boston Terrier to have digestive problems?

Yes, some Boston Terriers tend to have problems with gas, and this is usually because of their diet. If you trying changing his/her diet, it may help your pet's digestive problems. If changing the diet does not help, I'd suggest speaking to a local vet.

How can you tell if a dog has had puppies before?

nipples tend to remain enlarged after whelping puppies.

Do Boston Terriers mix pug tend to destroy things that they get hold of?

No, My Boston Terrier loves her toys and chews on them but does not destroy them. She likes sqeeky toys and playing fetch with them. Some do like to destroy stuffed toys and pull the stuffing out. Mine loves her stuffed cat and chews on it's nose like she is nursing!

Why does your gator mouth pitbull attack your American pitbull?

Because pitbulls are terriers, and all terriers are naturally dog-aggressive. Whether it's a Boston Terrier, or a Jack Russell, or a pit, they almost all have issues with other dogs. Obviously this is a spectrum, where some are more tolerant than others. Terriers tend to be less dog-aggressive as puppies, with many becoming less tolerant as they mature (especially if you don't spay/neuter!).

When you dog has a litter of puppies how many does it have at once?

1-23 puppies in one litter, but smaller dogs tend to have less puppies in one litter.

Do dogs drool?

Yes, dogs drool, although the amount will depend upon the breed and the individual's dog mouth conformation. In generation, terrier-type breeds (German Shorthair, Jack Russell, Boston, etc.) tend to drool less while the thick-coated herding breeds (St. Bernard, etc.) tend to drool a great deal.

Hiccups in Staffordshire bull terrier pups?

Hiccups are very common in all puppies and are actually quite normal. Puppies get hiccups when they eat and drink as they tend to ingest large quantities of air which then triggers hiccups. Common hiccuping is normal until dogs are about 8 months of age. There is also nothing that you can really do to stop hiccups in a puppy, other than having the puppy rest until the hiccups are gone.

What is the difference of a Cairn terrier and a Norwich terrier?

Norwich terriers are a little smaller- they also have "up" ears. Norwich terriers have a slightly less "terrier" personality, they are very good with children and tend to be less "dominate" then Cairns. Also Norwich terriers are more rare, only having 2 puppies per litter so they are very expensive ($1500-$3000). Be careful when buying a Norwich though, make sure it is AKC registered because there have been cases of people selling Cairns with cropped ears and calling them Norwiches.

How many puppies do a German shepherd have?

The average German Shepherd litter is seven puppies; older dogs tend to have smaller litters.

Do runners puppies tend to be more calm?

dogs that are exercised regularily tend to just want to rest. dogs that are over worked tend to be nasty and snappy.

How long are Yorkshire terrier puppies?

When first born, they should be around 3 inches, but as they suckle, they should get around 6 inches, and get more fur. as they grow. they will get around 10-12 inches, they suck lots during the day, and so when they're that small, they tend to grow alot faster than an adult dog!

Is it better to have 2 puppies instead of 1 puppy?

if you are able and willing to have 2 puppies, then the answer is yes. dogs tend to get lonely if they don't have a play mate

Do border terriers malt?

yes, my border terrier Benji malts lots. They tend to malt in the hotter months and when having cuddles with your border terrier's fur goes everywhere! hope this helped :)

Is there a connection between Asperger's Syndrome and eating disorders?

Sometimes. I tend to overeat.

When do puppies open eyes and start to hear?

Newborn puppies tend to open their eyes from 2 to 3 weeks from the time they were born. My best friend's dog just had 11 puppies, and they were goldendoodles, so it depends on what kind of dog you have.

Which costs more the male Yorkshire Terrier or the female Yorkshire Terrier?

the Bitch (Girl) , because girls can can breed.Also, boys over the years have been potrayed as 'yappers' so people tend to buy girls instead.

What is the worlds biggest American Staffordshire terrier?

It is difficult to say which American Staffordshire terrier was the largest because many people who are not familiar with the different terrier breeds tend to lump together the AMSTAF, Pit Bull and others into one group. As of 2014, the largest AMSTAF on record weighed 75 pounds.

How long do adolescents tend to have eating disorders?

It can go through their entire life if it's not treated.

What are some dog breeds that look like puppies when they're adults?

I've noticed Poodle mixes such as Cockapoos, ShihPoos, Pomapoos etc tend to almost look exactly like they did as puppies. Teacup and Tiny Toy Poodles with the baby doll face look like puppies as adults. American Cocker Spaniels still look like puppies as adults sometimes, some Yorki mixes like Morkies also look like puppies as adults. I think fluffy or curly dogs with a shorter nose tend to look more like a puppy as an adult.

Which breed of dogs give birth to maximum puppies?

There is no single breed of dog that produces "maximum puppies". That being said, large breed dogs tend to give birth to more puppies than smaller breeds. Therefore, Large breed dogs give birth to larger amounts of puppies per litter.

Siberian husky average litter size?

hi, I have a Siberian husky and they tend to have 5 to 7 puppies,

What is the biggest pup of a dog litter called?

There is no name for the largest puppy in a litter. The largest puppies tend to be the most dominant.

Do puppies like to eat other puppies?

Puppies usually aren't equipped to hunt and kill on their own, so no, they wouldn't tend to eat other animals including other puppies. They eat milk from their mothers and the partially digested food provided for them by members of their pack. Or in the case of puppies raised in a home, they eat the easily digested puppy food provided by the human owner.

How can we prevent eating disorders?

Eating disorders can be hereditary, or caused by a low self image. Teenage girls tend to be the most susceptible to eating disorders, as they have self image and self esteem problems. The best way to prevent eating disorders is to make sure your children have access to good counselling if they have esteem issues.