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The Az Cardinals can also be known at the Arizona Cardinals, and are an American football team. At the moment, the Az Cardinals are in the Western Division of the National Football Conference.

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Q: What division are the Az Cardinals in?
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What is az cardinals record the week after playing Monday night?

The AZ Cardinals played the San Diego Chargers. The score was 18 to 24. What is the Az Cardinals recording games played at 1:00 est ?

What NFL team moved in 1988?

The St. Louis Cardinals moved to Phoenix, AZ and became the Phoenix Cardinals (later the Arizona Cardinals when they moved to Tempe, AZ).

What year did the Arizona Cardinals become a team?

The AZ Cardinals was founded in 1898.

What division are the Cardinals in?

the National League Central Division

What division are the cardinals from?

The Arizona Cardinals play in the NFC West.

What is the name of the AZ cardinals owner?

bill bidwell

St Louis Cardinals division wins?

Central Division titles20092006200520042002200120001996East Division titles198719851982

Why were the Arizona Cardinals called the Arizona cardinals?

Because they play in Glendale, AZ and want to represent the state.

Last time cardinals won division?

Prior to the Cardinals' 2008 NFC West division title, that was 1975 when they were playing in St. Louis and in the NFC East division.

Are AZ cardinals a good team?

yes that is y they r in the SB

Who is the all time best AZ cardinals player?

Larry Fitzgearld

What is the address for the Arizona Cardinals?

The Fan Mail address for the Cardinals is: Arizona Cardinals 8701 South Hardy Drive Tempe, AZ 85285 USA

What conference are the Arizona Cardinals in?

The Cardinals play in the National Football Conference West Division.

Which baseball league are the St. Louis Cardinals?

The Cardinals are in the national league (central division)

Who was the first coach in AZ Cardinals NFL History?

The first head coach of the Arizona Cardinals professionally was Paddy Driscoll.

What division are the St. Louis Cardinals in?

They are in the NL Central

What is ax cardinals record playing Sunday games at 1 00pm est?

The Az Cardinals are playing the NY Giants on Sunday at 10 pm. This is can recorded on the TV. What is the Az Cardinals win loss record the week after playing a Monday night game?

How many division titles have the St. Louis Cardinals won since 1980?

Since 1980, the St. Louis Cardinals have won three Eastern Division titles and eight Central Division titles.

How many division titles have the St. Louis Cardinals win?

Currently, eight Central Division titles

Do the St. Louis Cardinals play in the NL Central division?


What is the NRS department or division It is some form of Division of Police in AZ Either PHX or Glendale?

NRS (Neighborhood Response Squad)

What league do the St. Louis Cardinals play in?

National League Central Division

What division does the Louisville Cardinals play in?

The Louisville Cardinals play in the NCAA Division I. They finished the 2010-2011 season 34th in the NACDA Learfield Sports Directors' Cup, and began the 2011-2012 season in 11th.

What are 3 pro sports teams in AZ?

Football: Arizona Cardinals Baseball: Arizona Diamondbacks Basketball: Phoenix Suns

What division did the St. Louis Cardinals play in?

The St. Louis Cardinals used to play in the NL East, but were moved to the NL Central with the expansion to three divisions.

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