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Jacksonville University plays 1-AA football in the Pioneer Football League with Butler University, Campbell University, Davidson College, University of Dayton, Drake University, Morehead State University, University of San Diego, and Valparaiso University. Marist College will join the Pioneer League for the 2009 season.

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What division is Jacksonville state university?

The Jacksonville State University (Alabama) Gamecocks football team is a member of theOhio Valley Conferenceand isinDivision IFootball Championship Subdivision(FCS). The FCS was formerly called Division I-A by the NCAA.

How many division one college football teams are in Alabama?

Division 1-A teams are: Auburn University, University of Alabama, and University of Alabama Birmingham. Division 1-AA teams are: Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, and Jacksonville State University.

What Division is the University of Dayton Football team?

University of Dayton's football team is Division 1aa

Which schools have won NCAA championships in football basketball and baseball?

Two schools have won NCAA national championships in football, baseball, and men's basketball: Jacksonville State University (NCAA Division II) Men's Basketball (1985) Baseball (1990, 1991) Football (1992) University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (NCAA Division III) Men's Basketball (1984, 1989) Baseball (2005) Football (2007, 2009, 2010) Note 1: The NCAA does not officially sanction a football national championship in FBS / Division I Note 2: Jacksonville State now competes at FCS / Division I

What football division is Tuskegee university in?

division 2

Who is Ashley Martin?

She is an American who was the first to play and score in a NCAA football game, and the first woman to play and score in a Division I football game. She did this at Jacksonville State University on August 30th, 2001.

What division is monmouth university in football?

Monmouth University competes in Division I in all sports. In football, Monmouth is a member of the Northeast Conference which competes in the Football Championship Subdivision.

List Florida division 1AA football?

Florida A&M, Jacksonville, and Bethune-Cookman.

What division is southern Utah university football?

souther Utah is a division 1-AA football school

What division is the Monmouth University football team?

The Hawks play in the Northeast Conference which is Division 1-AA for football.

What division is fordham university in football?

Fordham plays Division 1-AA football (FCS) in the Patriot League.

How many division 1 football schools in Florida?

For sure? I'm not 100% However I know of seven. University of Florida, Florida State University, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University and Miami. I'm fairly sure that is it, Jacksonville University and Florida A&M are still division two along with Florida Tech.

Does the University of Vermont play football?

Yes, but not in a Division 1 status. The University of Vermont's Football team is club sport. The last time UVM had a Division 1 football team was 1974

What is the division that WVU football team plays in?

The WVU, West Virginia University, football team plays in NCAA Division I-FBS. West Virginia University Football plays in the Big 12 conference. The University mascot is the Mountaineer.

Is the University of Florida a Division 1 school?

Yes, in all sports. In Football they are Division I-A (aka FBS, Football Bowl Subdivision).

What division of athletics is Drexel university in?

it all depends on the sport, like for example Lehigh University is Division 1 in every sport except for football which they are a Division 1AA team, so for football Drexel is division 1 but i am not sure about the other sports

Is northern Arizona university a division 2 college?

no we are Division I in all sports except Football in which we are Division I FCS

Is Delaware listed as a division one football team in the NCAA or a division two in the NCAA?

The University of Deleware competes at the Division I level. The football team competes at the Division I-FCS level.

Can girls play college football?

Yes, but it is rare.Katie Hnida, was the first woman to score in a Division I-A college football game as the kicker for the New Mexico Lobos.Liz Heaston had previously scored for NAIA Division III Willamette University, and Ashley Martin had previously scored for NCAA Division I-AA Jacksonville State University.I have never heard of a girl playing any position other than kicker.

What football division is Lamar University in Beaumont Texas?

The Cardinals play Division 1-AA football (aka FCS - Football Championship Series) in the Southland Conference.

What division is stonybook university football?

Stony Brook University plays football in the 1-AA (FCS) Big South Conference.

Who is Maurice Jones drew?

He is a professional football player. He is a running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also graduated from the University of California Los Angeles. He is a professional football player. He is a running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also graduated from the University of California Los Angeles.

What is the smallest division 1 football school?

Presbyterian College (Clinton, SC) is the smallest Division I FCS (Football Championship Subdivision, formerly Division I-AA) school, with 1200 undergraduates. The smallest Division I FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly Division I-A) school is the University of Tulsa, with 2756 undergraduates. Rice University is the second smallest, with 3054, and Wake Forest University is the third smallest, with 4412.

When was Jacksonville University created?

Jacksonville University was created in 1934.

What division football is University of Arizona?

NCAA's Division I-A in the Pacific-12 Conference in Arizona. The name of the University of Arizona are called the "Arizona Wildcats".

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