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NCAA Division II.

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Q: What division is university of Tampa for sports?
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Related questions

What conference does the university of Tampa in?

The Sunshine State conference - NCAA Division II

Is northern Arizona university a division 2 college?

no we are Division I in all sports except Football in which we are Division I FCS

What division is Arizona State University?

Arizona State University plays divison I sports.

What division is University of Akron?

Akron plays Division 1 sports in the Mid-American Conference.

What Division is The University of Denver?

The Pioneers play in Division 1. They play different sports in different conferences with most sports participating in the Sun Belt Conference. Click on the "Denver Pioneers' link below to read about sports at the University of Denver.

What is the winningest program in Division 1 sports?

University of Georgia

Is NAU a division 1 school?

Yes.Northern Arizona University plays Division 1-A sports except for football, which they are Division 1-AA.

Where is the University of Tampa?

The University of Tampa is located in Tampa, Florida.

What sports division is Northern Illinois University In?

Northern Illinois University (NIU) is in Division 1 of the NCAA. Division 1 schools typically have larger budgets, more scholarships, and better facilities.

What division is Bradley university?

The Bradley University Braves are located in the Missouri Valley Conference in all sports.

What division is monmouth university in football?

Monmouth University competes in Division I in all sports. In football, Monmouth is a member of the Northeast Conference which competes in the Football Championship Subdivision.

What division of athletics is Drexel university in?

it all depends on the sport, like for example Lehigh University is Division 1 in every sport except for football which they are a Division 1AA team, so for football Drexel is division 1 but i am not sure about the other sports

Is the University of Florida a Division 1 school?

Yes, in all sports. In Football they are Division I-A (aka FBS, Football Bowl Subdivision).

When was University of Tampa created?

University of Tampa was created in 1931.

Is Rice University division one?

At Football and Baseball, but not basketball! CORRECTION: Rice is Division I in all sports (Conference USA)

What are the Universities near Tampa?

University of South Florida and University of Tampa

Where is University of Tampa?

Tampa, FL

What is the motto of University of Tampa?

University of Tampa's motto is 'Esse quam videri'.

Which university men's team has won NCAA Division 1 title for all sports?

North Carolina

Did Tony Dungy take Tampa Bay to playoffs?

Yes he did. They made it 4 years and won the division in 1999. sports media 101

Is the University of Rhode Island a Division 1 sports school?

Yes. The University of Rhode Island is a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference. They are also members of the Colonial Athletic Association in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision.

Size of freshmen classes at university of Tampa?

Around 1,357 Freshmen are enrolled at the University of Tampa

Does the University of Tampa have a ROTC program?

Yes, the University of Tampa has Army, AF, and Navy ROTC programs.

What are the names of universities near Tampa Florida?

University of South Florida University of Tampa

Who won the Division 2 World Series last year?

The 2007 NCAA Division 2 World Series was won by the University of Tampa. They beat Columbus State in the championship game 7-2.