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How do you identify good boys and bad boys?

You have to know people to classify them as bad. Without knowing anyone, we should not judge others.

Can people be poisened by insecticides without knowing?

Yes, people can be poisoned by insecticides without knowing. If someone sprays insecticides in their yard or anything else that they touch frequently, it could cause problems for the person without them knowing what the harm is from.

When can the president appoint people without approval byt anyone else?

When can the president appoint people without approval by anyone else? When can the president appoint people without approval by anyone else?

How can people fall in love without knowing anyone?

Love at first sight. For some people, if they see a person.. they belive that they will be together forever just by looking at there physical features , etc.

Which famous violin player played in a subway without people knowing it was him?

The maestro is Joshua Bell. He, after being asked to, brought his high priced violin to the subway and played for donations without anyone noticing.

Is there any way to guarantee complete privacy when you post things?

—No, some people can get into things without permission like hackers even if you have a privacy setting on some people can trick you into telling you things, or just get into your information without anyone knowing.

People can have HIV for many years without knowing it.?


People can have HIV for many years without knowing it?


Can I live without knowing my own true self?

Yes, it is quite possible, and indeed many people do so all their lives without knowing who they really are.

Why people hurt people?

Sometimes people hurt people because sometimes they go through their own things. sometimes people hurt people without knowing they are. it would be good if no one hurt anyone, but then life would be too easy. Life can be hard.

How many animals die each year from abuse?

Sadly about 6,480 well that is what i here... about 6,480 RECORDED abuse but most people probably abuse their animals without anyone knowing

How many People died in BMW's cars?

I don't think anyone could answer this, there is no way of knowing.

Dose most people eat 1 pound of insects without knowing it?


Is it illegal for a parent to record a meeting with his or her child's teacher without the teacher knowing?

well it is illegal to tape people without them knowing but i got that off home improvment so00oo0... yeah...

What is a silem seeker?

a silem seeker is someone that come into the country without people knowing.

Can plutonium kill people without them knowing?

Yes, it is possible but practically the probability is low.

Can People have HIV without knowing it for many years?

Yes as it is always found out later.

Can you have diphtheria without knowing?

Some people carry the bacteria without having symptoms, but can still spread the disease to others.

What is the percent of people in the US without jobs?


How many people die everyday without knowing Christ?

Too many people die every day.

How do i find out if I have life insurance?

Unless you take it out for yourself, any number of people could have taken out insurance on your life without you knowing or telling you about it, so you can ask family members or friends, however, they may not want to tell you, it is quite legal for anyone to take out insurance on anyone.

Is bee honey good for diabetic people?

If you are diabetic, I wouldn't trust some website where anyone can post anything. I could post "yes" without even knowing, and you could die because of it! I'm just sayin...

How do you tell people you love someone without them knowing?

Knock them out and tell then while they r uncousus

What did dick Turpin steal?

He stole cows and sheep's and money without other people knowing.

Why not to use a word without knowing the meaning?

This is exactly why people think you're a f@ggot.