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When you watch the show they show you what they get. Wheel of Fortune is not Jeopardy. You keep your winnings and if you don.t have any they give you $1,000.

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What did the winners win in the modern Olympics?

the winners win medals Gold for 1st place, Siver for 2nd place and Bronze for 3rd place.

What are the release dates for Wheel of Fortune - 1983 2nd Honeymoon 2 26-112?

Wheel of Fortune - 1983 2nd Honeymoon 2 26-112 was released on: USA: 10 February 2009

What are the release dates for Wheel of Fortune - 1983 2nd Honeymoon 3 26-113?

Wheel of Fortune - 1983 2nd Honeymoon 3 26-113 was released on: USA: 11 February 2009

What are the release dates for Wheel of Fortune - 1983 2nd Honeymoon 4 26-114?

Wheel of Fortune - 1983 2nd Honeymoon 4 26-114 was released on: USA: 12 February 2009

What is the answer to the April 2nd 2009 Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle?

The answer for April 2 2009 was DINOSAUR EXHIBIT

The answer to Wheel of Fortune 6 letters 2nd and last letter S category is people?

hiking boots was the last bonus puzzle. Puzzles are always more than 6 letters. Check out the Wheel of Fortune solution site on the related link which includes puzzles from episodes of the current and past Wheel of Fortune seasons.

What prizes did winners get in ancient Olympic games?

the winner wuld get a crown of olive leaves and 2nd and 3rd place winners would get nothing.

What is the answer to the June 2 2010 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

A Show of Hands is the answer to the final bonus puzzle on Wheel of Fortune for tonight Wed June 2nd 2010. A link has been added to provide information on other puzzles from the show under the related links.

Who was the winner of dance India dance season 2?

The winners of Dance India Dance are as followed; 4th place: Binny 3rd place: Punit 2nd place: Dharmesh 1st place: Shakti

How much money do the Masters winners make in 2012?

1st Place: $1,440,000 (Bubba Watson) 2nd Place: $864,000 (Louis Oosthuizen) 3rd Place: $544,000 4th Place: $384,000 5th Place: 320,000

What does the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners receive in the Olympics?

they receive gold medals, but each one gets to choose YEAHH!

Who were the winners of the May 2010 Answerthon Xtreme?

The Winners of the Answerthon Xtreme Here is the list of winners in the Answerthon Xtreme, which took place in May 2010. Congratulations to the winners!1st Place: Fuzzy Logic2nd Place: Steven Keyman and Hyper X3rd Place: Aggie80, TexAlex94 and Squirrel ManRunners up:RUClimateWonderful WandaGinezumiPegalitaC.HainsawDr.QCatRoxYourChaseHelpersNdbbmHilmarzDynotechWolstMattAprilRosenthal1BolognakingLifesnadir124C41]Bob811AnandvijayakumarThatwouldbme

What teams qualified for premier league 2012-13 season from championships?

Reading, 1st place, Champions Southampton, 2nd place, Runners-up West Ham, 3rd place, Play-Off Winners

What happens in the olympic medal ceremony?

They give the first place person a gold medal. 2nd person a silver. 3rd person a bronze and they sing the 1st place winners national anthem. :)

Were these always the rules on jeopardy regarding the 2nd and 3rd place winners...when did the rules change?

no they used to receive prizes for second and third place and did not win cash ever, unless it was a tournament and they had already won a game.

How much money for tied winners at the masters?

Angel Cabrera will get $1,350,000. Chad Campbell and Kenny Perry will each get half of 2nd and 3rd place combined prize money.

Who are the 2010-2011 Answers.com Scholarship winners?

2nd Answers.com Scholarship WinnersThe 13 winners of the 2nd Answers.com Scholarship are as follows. First place received a $5,000 scholarship. Two second place $2,500 scholarships were awarded. Each of the other winners each receive a $1000 scholarship towards their college tuition. Congratulations all!Natalie Weires - username: Sciencenerd17 (first place)Sara Underwood - username: Sunderwoodbio (second place)Faizan Ahemad - username: Faizan ahemad (second place)Taryn Alford - username: TAlfordAlexandra Cota - username: Alexandra CotaRosetta Fernando - username: RosettamichelleMary Nguyen - username: MaraayMichael Sawyer - username: Msawyer9616Chanapa Tantibanchachai - username: Chanapa TLindsey Uribe - username: Lahoi.uribeMargaret Wang - username: MagiecakeAmie Whitlock - username: AmiewhitlockNatalie Chen - username: FuriosoTracking Down the WinnersFor information on how to track down a user, see the Related Question.

Who won the AnswerThon quiz 2011?

January 2011 Winners (2011 & Beyond 11 Million Answers): 1st Place: Aggie80 2nd Place: Anandvijayakumar and Fuzzy Logic 3rd Place: Bfmt, Snart Gurk, and Mrkbh 4th Place: ZachMeyer94, Squirrel Man, HisPowr4U, and D Devil.

Who are the winners of the April 2009 AnswerThon?

http://site.answers.com/main/images/withtrophyoverhead.gif=== === === === Congratulations to our contest winners and thanks to all who participated! Hundreds of great answers were added and are now available to those seeking wisdom on a variety of topics.=== ===Check out our answering superstars in the list of winners below! Winners were calculated in two groups, Contributors and Supervisors.1st PlaceJordang1232nd Place=== ===Iluvcake94Ananddave3rd PlaceMedium2PoltergasmBub3trom1st PlaceSteven Keyman2nd PlaceAggie80Rimshakr273rd PlaceHisPowr4UKodiakcathyAnandvijayakumar1st Place winners will receive $500 Amazon.com gift certificates; 2nd Place winners will receive $200 Amazon.com gift certificates and a WikiAnswers laptop bag; 3rd Place winners will receive $100 Amazon.com gift certificates and a WikiAnswers logo blanket.Congratulations also to the Runners-Up, who will receive WikiAnswers t-shirts:Yonatandoron, Asukamaxwell, Areablue222, IncaBlue, Xtriece, Ljyoung13, JRWADDY, Lalithgeorge, Lisamc57, Jadeacres, Viper1usmc, Squirrel Man, ThatwouldBme, Hobbsy13, Cdonorab, Chongyx, CatRox, Fuzzy Logic, C.Hainsaw, Jwilde222, Oreo73, Doditov, MarianWare, Robbb, Madfuskills, Amo21000, Felicislepus, LookItSasha, MattApril, Tazmcg, David.lt, Woodman66, Studiok, PikeyEngineer, H2045, Ginezumi, Euc, Wikiallyjo, Jponbac, Bluedolphin30, MRA, Jvanderb, Fuadaj, EndTrans, RockandRollPirate, Georgeoverton, SavedByHim81490, and God Hermes.Want to participate in the next round? If you're a registered user on WikiAnswers, you'll be automatically notified of upcoming contests and opportunities. If you're not yet registered, sign up now!

Who are the grand prix de Monaco winners?

1st M.Webber. 2nd S.Vettel. 3rd R.Kubica

Who were the architects that were successful with the Canberra city design and why was it chosen over other designs?

Walter Burley Griffin an American architect designed Canberra except that they used ideas off the 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Where can you see the results of the Answers.com 2010-2011 scholarship?

And the 2010 Scholarship Winners Are...The results of the 2010-2011 Answers.com Scholarship Program were announced on the no.stupid.answers blog on June 15, 2010. The first three placements included:1st Place: Natalie Weires ($5,000 scholarship)2nd Place: Sara Underwood ($2,500 scholarship)3rd Place: Faizan Ahemad ($2,500 scholarship)(Click on the Related link below to see the complete list of winners.)

Do jeopardy non-winners get paid?

1000 for 3rd 2000 for 2nd except in tournaments where it is more

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