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What do 57 percent of Americans own?

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What percent of Americans have cars?

=About 57%=

What percent of Americans own TV's?

I know the following: - 99% of Americans own a TV. - 28% of Americans own a High Definition TV. - 66% of Americans have three TV's in their homes.

What percent of Americans do not own a computer?

I cant find it :)

What percent of Americans own a barbecue grill?


What percent of Americans own a second home?


What is 57 over 100 as a percent?

57 percent

What is the percentage of Americans who own dogs?

The percent of Americans that own dogs are 60%. After that is Cats, reptiles, small animals and other.

What is the approximate percent of Americans that run their own business?

six point six percent

How is 57 percent written in lowest term?

57 percent = 57% = 57/100 in fraction in lowest term

What is 57 percent of 21?

57 percent of 21 is 11.97

What percent of Americans own a car?

89% of American households

What percentage of Americans own washing machines?

80 percent

How many Americans own horses?

Four percent of U.S. households own a horse, with three percent boarding their horses at stables.

How much is 57 percent of 130?

57 percent of 130 is 74.1

What is 57 percent of 100?


What is 57 100 in a percent?

57 %

What is 57 percent in decimal?


What percent of US population own a computer or have access to a computer?

76% of Americans own computers

What is 57 percent as a decimal?

.5757% = 0.0057 in decimal

What is the fractions that equal to 57 percent?

57% = 57/100

What is the percent of 57 out of 100?

57 out of 100 is equal to 57%.

What is the average of 57 percent and 73 percent?

(57% + 73%) / 2 = 65%

What percent of Americans own guns?

In 2007 40% said yes

What percent of Americans own cats?

cats outnumber dogs by ALOT!

What is 57 percent as a fraction?