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XTR as explained to me by a gun dealer was a designation used on several Winchester models in the later 1900's to indicate deluxe finishing features such as checkered grips on walnot and high gloss bluing. Hope someone else can answer what AE means.

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AE is angle eject. The early 94s eject the fire casing straight up, not so good for scope use. The angle eject receiver is an 80' Winchester adaptation to allow scope mounting.

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Q: What do AE and XTR mean on a Winchester Model 94 serial 5358309?
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What does x after the serial number mean on a Winchester model 94?

It means that it is a duplicate serial number

How old is Winchester model 90-22 serial no 436564?

If you mean the model 1890 Winchester 22? then your rifle was made in 1911.

When was Winchester M 14 serial number 1073983 made?

If you mean a Winchester model 1894 rifle then it was made in the year 1929.I will say that Winchester never has made a model 14 though.Could you mean a Remington model 14 pump action rifle?

What is age of Winchester model 84 serial number 62797?

Do you mean a model 1894 rifle?If this is the case then your Winchester model 1894 rifle would have been made in the year 1896.

What do Winchester rifle serial number G1708708 mean?

This should indicate that you have a Winchester model 70 rifle that was made in the year 1984.

What is the age Winchester Model 84-30 WCF serial 724045?

If you mean the model 1894 rifle,then it was made in the year 1914,with the serial number that you have provided.

What is the year made for Remington model 97 12 gauge serial?

Can find no reference to a Remngton Model 97 shotgun.Could you mean a Winchester model 1897?If so include the serial number to help get you a answer.

What does this number mean 4661337 on a Winchester model 94?

That is the serial number assigned to your rifle at the time of manufacture.This number also indicates that your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1978.

When was the Winchester 1992AE made?

Do you mean a Winchester model 94AE(angle eject)?If this is the case,your question cannot be answered without the serial number to your rifle in question.

How old is a winshester model 12 12 gage?

If you mean a WINCHESTER, there is no way to help you without the serial number.

When was Winchester model 12 serial number 96503 manufactured?

what does 120A choke mean-- I have no idea what you are talking about with this question about a choke

Winchester Model 90 serial number has an A under it What does that mean?

It means that it is a Model 1890 (90) receiver. When Winchester introduced the Model 1906, they used the exact same receiver and action as the Model 1890, with exeption of the cartridge carrier. To readily differentiate between the two, Winchester stamped an "A" on the Model 1890 receiver and a "B" on the Model 1906 receiver. Bert H.

What does serial number L1860854 mean on a Winchester model 1200 stainless marine 12 gauge shotgun?

It sounds like to me that you have the Winchester model 1200 police stainless model.The serial number just means the number assigned to your shotgun during the time of production,nothing more.The Winchester model 1200 series shotguns were produced from 1964-1981.The serial number was mandated by the goverment with the passage of the gun control act of 1968.

What is the value of a Winchester 32 model 1864 serial?

I could not assign a value to your Winchester rifle without knowing the model number(it is not a model 1864,winchester did not make a model 1864).I also need to know the overall condition of your rifle,and a serial number to date the production year.When you say 32,did you mean a 32WCF(32-20 caliber) or do you mean a .32 Win special caliber?Please re-post your question with the above needed information,to get a accurate answer to your question.

What is the value of a Winchester M1 Carbine SRl?

If you mean the serial number is 1, Winchester never made one with serial number 1.

What is the value of 338 magnum Winchester model 77?

Winchester did not make a model 77.Could you mean model 70?,or do you refer to the ruger model 77?

What is the date of manufacture of Winchester 1992 rifle serial no 576576 cal .25-20?

I,m going to assume that you mean a Winchester model 1892? If that's the case then your rifle was made in 1910.

What is the age of a Winchester model 70 30-30 serial number 2500000?

I am assuming you mean a model 1894 in 30-30,if that is the case your rifle was the last rifle made in 1961.

What does 1400 mean on a Winchester shotgun?

The number 1400 refers to the Model number of your Winchester shotgun.

What does the W on the underside of the barrel of a 30-30 Winchester Model 1894 mean?

Probably Winchester.

Does a higher serial number on a Winchester Model 94 mean a newer rifle?

Yes, serial numbers are usually assigned sequentially. Some companies will use one series of numbers for several models, but Winchester has, as far as I know, always started each model with 1, so a high serial number on one model will not tell you its age relative to another model, but a low numbered gun will always be older than a higher numbered gun of the same model. You can find lots of information about the Model 94. Start with Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms, then check out some of the specialzed books listed in his bibliography.

What can you tell me about Winchester model 1906 serial 571791 It has some nickel plated parts Thanks Bert?

I can tell you that by your serial number your Winchester model 1906 rifle was made in the year 1919. I can also say that this model was made from 1906-1935,with a total production figure of 731,852.I must say Bert that I am not aware of any nickel plated parts for the model 1906,but that does not mean that they were not made.They also could have been Nickel plated at any time after production also.

What year was a Winchester model 1984 sn 868346 made?

If you mean a model 1894, it was made in 1919

What does 22 wmrf mean on the h and r model 676 revolver mean?

Winchester magnum rimfire

What does l and lr mean in a Winchester model 190 rifle?

Long and Long Rifle.