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What do Americans call pavement?

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Q: What do Americans call pavement?
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Is the sentence 'surprises await you along the pavement' correct grammar?

Yes. "Pavement" is what Americans call a "sidewalk."

What do the British call a sidewalk?

A sidewalk in the UK is called "pavement" or "foot path"

What is the correct spelling for the word pavement?

Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.Pavement is correct.

What erosional agents create desert pavement?

Wind is the primary erosional agent that creates desert pavement. The process is call deflation.

What do scottish people call Americans?

They call them Americans

What do Americans call a bowler hat?

The Americans call it a Derby.

What do the Americans call thongs?

Americans call a thong a thong.

What do Americans call cutlery?

Americans call cutlery "cutlery."

What do the french call Americans in slang terms?

they call Americans Pigs

What do Australians call what americans call Christmas?

Australians, like Americans, call "christmas" "Christmas". What'd you think we call it?

What do Americans call jelly?

Americans call jelly, JELLO, and our jam they call jelly. Weird i know.

What do you call these first Americans today?

we call them Indians but they prefer native Americans

What are synonyms of pavement?

There are no synonyms for pavement.

What is a sentence with pavement?

the pavement was hot

Can you put the word pavement in a sentence?

The quick brown fox jumped on the pavement next to the lazy dog. It also contains every letter in the alphabet

What do Americans call coriander leaves?

Americans call coriander leaves "coriander" or "cilantro."

What did Native Americans call buffalos?

the native americans call the buffalo tatanka. the white buffalo is sacred to the native americans.

How can you use pavement in sentence?

The man walked along the pavement.The pavement was cracked and worn, because it was so old.The word "pavement" is a noun.The pavement pounded under my feet as I ran after my dog.

What is pavement?

In the UK a sidewalk is called a pavement.

What is a limestone pavement?

A pavement made of limestone.

What is it meant by pavement cycling?

Riding on the pavement/sidewalk.

What would Americans call a house?

Americans usually call a house "a house", sometimes "real estate".

What do Americans call basements?

Basement is the word most Americans use. Some people call it a cellar.

What is concrete pavement?

A pavement which is laid by concrete is called as a concrete pavement. These pavements are durable, resistant to wear and tear.

What do the British call what Americans call cream?

They call it cream too.