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Americans are entertained by watching television. They really don't gain much from watching TV unless they are watching educational programing.

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Q: What do Americans gain by spending their leisure time watching television?
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What are the most popular leisure time activities in the US?

Sleeping and watching television are the two most popular leisure time activities. Watching television is the top leisure activity in the Unite State..

What are popular leisure acitivities in England?

watching tv is the most popular leisure activity in england. outside of the home- going to the pub (including watching tv in pubs) no joke

How do you spend your leisure time?

You can spend your leisure time in many different ways to relax. Some people likes to spend their leisure time watching TV, reading, or listening to music.

Chinese peasant farmers do what in leisure time?

watching TV, playing mah-jong,and poker cards...

How do Austrians spend their leisure time?

um... watching tv, computerss,shopping,sseeing frnds.... stuff u do i guess

What did Americans do for leisure in the 1950s?

In the 1950's television really started coming into play in homes around the United States. By the end of the 50's television was present in about 90% of the homes, and watching TV was the favorite leisure activity of nearly half of the U.S. Otherwise, people would go to the movie theater, read books, listen to the radio, play cards, have friends and family over for dinner parties and such.

What is difference between leisure and recreation?

The difference between Leisure and Recreation is, leisure is more relaxing. I.e. Reading a book, watching television, playing video games etc. Whereas recreation is more interesting and active. I.e. swimming, going to the gym, running etc.

What is away from home leisure?

That is leisurely activities you do away from home. While watching television or cooking out would be things done at home, away from home leisure includes going to beaches, camping, going to movie theaters, etc.

How has the Internet changed the way you use your leisure time?

The internet has greatly changed the way people use their leisure time. People now spend a lot of their leisure time reading articles online, watching movies and television shows, as well as communicating with friends, family, and work associates.

Leisure activities in the 1940's?

The main thing they did was listen to music, everyone was doing that, it was fantastic, and another one was listening to the radio, and the last one is watching the television, moving pictures are cool.

Why do people watch television?

For leisure

What are 5 leisure - time activities in Mexico?

Playing soccer.Watching TV.Going to the movies.Hanging out with friends.Practicing some outdoor activity such as jogging or riding a bicycle.

What are the release dates for Travel and Leisure The Next Destination - 2003 TV?

Travel and Leisure The Next Destination - 2003 TV was released on: USA: 2003

How old is David Leisure?

TV actor David Leisure ("Joe Isuzu") is 67 years old (birthdate: November 16, 1950).

Who are leisure centers in competition with?

Any other leisure spending. E.g. Cinema, sports, music, whatever you spend your spare money on.

How do Chinese spend their leisure time?

Most of them watch TV.

What percent of Americans get no leisure time?


What are the release dates for Linda Leisure and H-O-M-E- - 1994 TV?

Linda Leisure and H-O-M-E- - 1994 TV was released on: USA: 23 May 1994

What is North Korea leisure activities?

spending time with faimily or praying to there belifed god.

What does Johnny Depp do in his leisure time?

He enjoys reading and music and spending time with his family.

What is the definition of leisure?

Leisure is defined as time when one can choose one's activities or to refrain from all activity by relaxing or sleeping. Common periods of leisure are the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth Of July, etc.), and vacation (an extended period during which one may choose to travel). It is also a period of time during the 24-hour day when one is not compelled by necessary or important business so that he or she can indulge in rest or recreation. Common leisure activities are reading, gardening, watching television, listening to music, going to the movies or theater, exercise, sports, stamp collecting, and woodworking.

What to do with leisure time in Canada?

Canadians enjoy a variety of leisure activities. These include running, watching movies, socializing, going out to dinner, as well as going to performances.

How did the people in the 1920's spend their leisure time?

watching movies without sounds

What is the opportunity cost of spending an evening revising for an economics exam?

Not visiting my girl friend and leisure

What invention became popular in the 1950s and changed the way people spent their leisure time?