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What do Buddhists believe will happen when someone dies?

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What do Shintos believe will happen when someone dies?

well i dont know

What do Buddhists believe will happen when somebody dies?

I may be wrong, I believe they believe they get reborn Answer: Buddhists believe that a person who has not achieved enlightenment will be reborn. Enlightened people will be offered the opportunity to enter Nirvana. They may, of course, forego this and opt for rebirth to return to Earth to help others acheieve enlightenment.

Is Weep when a child is born rejoice when someone dies is this a scripture in Bible?

The Buddhists say that we should weep when a child is born, and rejoice when someone dies 15Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

What did vikings believe when someone dies?

that they went to vallhalla

Someone who dies for their faith?

Martyr - someone who dies for what they believe is right Sometimes, they could also be called suicide bombers!!!!

What do people believe when people die in Buddhism?

The basis of Buddhism is that the person dies and is reborn. This continues until the person is enlightened at which point they can enter Nirvana a selfless state. Some people do not enter Nirvana to return to the cycle of death and rebirth to aid others in becoming enlightened. Non-Buddhists, such as Christians, believe that Buddhists die and go to the Christian hell for not becoming Christians. Non-Buddhists such as atheists, believe that when anybody dies they simply cease to exist.

What happen to the sperm in your body if you cant get pregnant?

I believe it just dies off nothing happens

Did mesopotamia believe in afterlife?

yes they did believe in after life.They thought once a person dies they are born again as someone or something else

When a person dies is their estate automatically placed in probate?

It does not happen automatically. Someone has to file for the probate to be opened.

A martyr is someone who dies for what?

AnswerA martyr is someone who dies for his or her beliefs.

Does God continue to create angels?

I believe that whenever someone dies and goes to heaven they come angels!

What happen when a fox dies?

It dies and then decomposes.

How do Buddhists celebrate death?

Buddhists celebrate death by helping a dying person remember happy times, and comforting them as they pass. After a person dies, Buddhists will have a wake and burial, where they will chant to remind themselves about the fleeting nature of life.

Explain what make the story's closing sentences ironic.?

When someone dies, or something you didn't expect to happen happens.

What statement accurately describes a difference between Hindu and Buddhist beliefs about death?

Buddhists believe that performing certain rituals is necessary to be reborn into a better life; Hindus do not believe these rituals are necessary.

Monarch butterfly meaning?

I believe if a monarch crosses your path after someone dies they are there to tell you that they are all right and not to worry and not to be sad for them...

What were the beliefs of the sh'iah?

they don't really believe in Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) they believe in prophet Ali ( R.A)......they whip themselves when someone dies i just know this much!

Angry at someone?

When someone dies

What is the ISBN of What To Do When Someone Dies?

The ISBN of What To Do When Someone Dies is 978-0-14-102092-1.

When do people in Mexico start celebrating Christmas?

they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away they start after someone dies or pass away

Is it true that when fantails fly in your house it means someone dies or is that just what superstitious people believe?

It's not true, and you misspelled "stupid".

I live out of state does someone have to contact me when my father dies?

I don't think there is an obligation there, but if you have yourself listed by him as a point of contact ( in case of emergency )someone will contact you. I don't believe there is a have to though.

If someone ties a horse up and intentionally lets it strangle itslef and it dies what will happen to them?

You might get fined by the E.P.A. for indirect animal cruelty.

What happen to Tybalt in the play?

he dies

What is going to happen to Hollyleaf?

She dies