What do Comets look like?

They have a tail, nucleus (the physical mass that is flying through space). Here s the astronomical sign for comets: ☄

There are most recognizable by their hair like tail.

Looking up to the sky on a starry night you see a comet streaking through the heavens. It looks like a small fuzzy ball with a long hair-like tail. Other times a comet looks like a white streak.

There are three main characteristics to a comet's appearance which are: the nucleus, the coma, and the tail. The nucleus is the solid central part of the comet. This is the actual mass that is traveling through space. The nucleus of a comet is dark, is potato-shaped in many comets, and resembles a dirty iceberg. A comet coma forms when the nucleus evaporates and a large cloud expands around the comet center. This cloud is called the coma. This spherical cloud gives the comet the appearance of a fuzzy ball. The most recognizable characteristic of a comet is its tail. The comet tail also forms when the nucleus evaporates, releasing gas and dust. Both the gas and dust form their own distinct tail. The trail of dust is left behind the comet in its orbit forming a curved tail called the anti-tail or dust tail. The ion tail of a comet is composed of gases and points towards the sun. A comet's tail is what comets are known for. Without a tail it would just look like a spot of light moving across the sky.

Comets can be many different colors including silver, blue, purple and gold at the end of their tail. Comets are usually blue or white at the front part. The color of the comet depends on its distance from the sun.