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What do ERA BB W SB AVG HR and R mean in baseball stats?


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ERA: Earned run average (a measure of runs a pitcher allows in a nine inning game) BB: Base on balls (receiving four balls and advancing to first base) W: Win SB: Stolen base AVG: Average (a statistic that measures a pitcher's ability to prevent base hits / a measure of batting ability) HR: Home Run R: Runs scored


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ERA is the abbreviation for Earned Run Average. ERA is calculated on a per-9-inning basis, so if you give up 2 earned runs in 3 innings, then your ERA is 6.00.

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The lower the era, the better it is.

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era is spanish for was.

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The ERA in baseball stands for Earned Run Average which is the average amount of runs given up by a pitcher per game. For example a 1.98 ERA is amazing but a 6.10 ERA is terrible. The lower your ERA the better.

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