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french people love to eat frog legs yes people love to eat frogs legs also horse snails and lots of other things.

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What french people love to eat?

ALL French people love to eat.

How do you say I love to eat in French?

"I love to eat" in French is j'aime manger.

What do French people eat for lunch?

French people eat healthy and they also eat a lot. For lunch they might have fish or chicken. For dessert they eat salads and fruits and much more. French people love to drink wine when they eat lunch. For the french people lunch is their biggest meal of the day but we say it is dinner.

What do the french eat for desert?

For desert, French people love to eat crepes, soufflés, custard, chocolate and tarts. Hope this helps.

Do french people eat snails?

Yes! French people do eat snails

What do the French people eat for dessert?

Well french people love pastry so for dessert they like things such as pies tarts croissants bread like dishes. Creme Brulee is very popular and many people love it.

What do french people eat croissants with?

French people usually eat croissants with butter.

Do people like french eat snails?

Yes french people eat snails

What fruit do french people eat?

French people eat the same fruit as everyone else.

Do French people eat grapes?

Yes French people eat grapes, for dessert as other fruits.

Do French people eat snakes?

No, French people don't eat snakes. They would balk at the idea.

What do the French like to eat and drink?

French, love to eat frog legs, snails, pasta, bread and desserts.

What does London England eat?

French People hahahahahah french people

What do French people eat on new years?

They eat crepes and other french food

What do French people eat for breakfast-in French?

The French generally eat croissants and different pastries for breakfast.

What food does french people eat?

People in France love to eat different types of pastries, bread, and cheese. They are also big on sausage and other meats like foie grass and chicken.

What time do french people eat diner at home?

french people eat their dinner when the world ends of course dah

What kinds of foods do the french people eat?

French eat snails, pate and lambs brain.

French people eat frog legs?

French people do eat frog legs, but only rarely Edit: Nobody in France eat that, it's for the tourists.

Why do french people eat?

Well everybody has to eat, genius!

What kind of French food do French people eat?

They eat crepe-type food, generally they like to eat that with ham and cheese for breakfast. Crepe is a type of thin pancake in which you can incorporate many different toppings inside. Baguettes are a main staple of French food. Basically anything with dough, pastry, and butter is what French people eat. Cheese is a big factor too. The French love anything that goes well with wine which is why usually you get small meals of cheese & bread, to go with your wine. Ham, chicken, & beef are the main protein. Chocolate is big too. We love our sweets. :)

Is snails a French national dish?

yes french especially love to eat snails and it is a very common french dish.

What time do french people eat breakfast?

The French usually eat breakfast around 8'0'clock

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