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What do French people eat for lunch?

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French people eat healthy and they also eat a lot. For lunch they might have fish or chicken. For dessert they eat salads and fruits and much more. French people love to drink wine when they eat lunch. For the french people lunch is their biggest meal of the day but we say it is dinner.

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Do french people eat crepes for lunch?

Yes, they could do, but the french mostly have them for breakfast.

How do you say after we eat lunch in french?

The phrase "after we eat lunch" directly translated to French is "après nous déjeunons"

Where do French teenagers eat lunch?

French teenagers eat lunch in the school canteen, or at home if they have time to get there (or when not at school).

What do french people eat at 5 pm?

Usually nothing. French people eat lunch from 12 till 2, then dinner between 630 and 930.

What do the French eat for lunch?

the french have vegatables, then meat and salad then cheese then their dessert.they eat french food

What do French people eat for dinner?

The French eat salads, pizza, pasta, soups. Dinner is usualy lighter than lunch, but nonetheless a real meal.

What else do french people eat?

French people eat a variety of foods. They eat fruits, vegetables, meats, and dessert. Breakfast is often a pastry, or cereal. Lunch and dinner are longer meals with many options.

What do french people eat all day?

they eat not alot at breakfast and at lunch they eat seven different coarses but at dinner they dont eat much again

What time do people eat lunch?

they eat lunch at 12:00 in the morning

What do people in Venezuela eat for lunch?

The people of Venezuela eat a lot of beans, rice and meat for their lunch meal.

What do Spanish people eat from lunch?

Spanish people eat Taco, Burritos, Mexican Rice, Enchilladas for Lunch

What time do the French eat lunch and dinner?

12.00 to 13.30 will be lunch19.00 to 21.00 will be dinner

What do people in France eat for breakfast lunch and dinner?

i was just wondering as i am doing a project in school on french food i was wondering if you could tell what peole in France would eat fro lunch and diner

What do french people eat for supper?

They don't. They eat breakfasrt, lunch and dinner, and that's it. I have seen French six-year-olds refuse birthday cake because it wasn't a mealtime.

What do people in Ukraine eat for lunch?

In Ukraine people eat boobs

What do french people call lunch?

It depends: if they are speaking English it would be lunch. If they are speaking French it would be déjeuner

Italy lunch time?

What time do people eat lunch in Italy

What do English people eat for lunch?

English people often eat a type of sandwich for lunch. They also eat crisps, salads, fruits, and light pasta.

What kinds of foods do French people eat?

Answer The french people eat lunch at 2:oopm. They eat meat and fish or one of them for lunch. With the meat or fish they eat vegtables, salad, and a lot of different kinds of cheeses. Ans.2 The standard french lunch period is 12 - 2. Almost all restaurants in France serve lunch only between those hours. For most people lunch is the main meal of the day. A typical restaurant might serve a fixed-price meal of four courses. This will probably be a buffet of hors-d'oeuvres, choice of main course, cheese board, choice of desserts. Bread and wine are generally included, coffee extra.

How do you say i eat my lunch in french?

je mange mon déjeuner

Do the French eat dinner together?

Most French families eat their dinner together (and their breakfast, and their lunch) sitting at the kitchen table.

How many meal does a french person eat a day?

Dear americans, Bonjour! we eat 5 meals per day breakfast , per lunch , lunch snack, dinner merci (thank you in french)

How do Chinese people eat lunch their?

they eat food with chompsticks

What do people in Pakistan eat for lunch?

People in Pakistan eat Nan, Mutton, chicken and Biryani for lunch mainly. They are mostly non vegetarians,

What do Japanese people eat during lunch?

i cant believe no one knows what Japanese people eat for lunch. What is the point any way?

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