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What do Hindu brides wear at their wedding?


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  • They wear saris

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Muslim Brides wear any coloured dress/Lengha.

So they get laid on their wedding night

what ever you want to wear what feels right

Chinese brides wear red.

Yes, to symbolise that they are brides of Christ.

a hipodra is the name of it

They're the same white wedding dresses all other brides wear, except that Orthodox Jewish brides only wear dresses that completely cover them up.

Muslim Brides can wear any dress they want .

The brides wear wedding dresses and the couples exchange rings.

there are several differences firstly, Christian brides don't wear henna this is when the bride has their hands and arms covered in a dye. secondly, christian brides don't wear a sari. although both weddings are as technical as each other the Hindu wedding consists of the bride and groom placing garlands onto each other.

There're different cultural groups in hinduism.they wear different bridal clothes according to their cultural group.we can not say exactly but in general bride have to hide their face making a hood of a transparent clothes and This is just a sign of shyness.But Hindu brides do not wear white clothes during the wedding.

brides wear red or gold grooms wear white, cream or gold and if you are invited to a wedding you can wear any colour you like!

Some brides might want to wear their uniform, but most grooms wouldn't like that. She should wear traditional wedding attire.

Brides at a sikh wedding tradionally wear what is called salwar-kameez or lehenga-chunni.

just whatever they want as their wedding dress. Its not any different

The color Red is a symbol of having a thriving life . So that's why Chinese brides wear red on their wedding day, and hope having a very good life in the future. Thank you! ;)

Some pregnant brides do. The best thing to do is wear the white wedding dress BEFORE the pregnancy starts to show!but you can wear white for your wedding when your pregnant.

General clothes,nothing special.

Yes. Some brides don't like traditional wedding dresses and may want a simple wedding.

Orthodox Jewish brides don't because of the laws of modesty, but the other branches allow it.

They may, but they usually don't. They wear gorgeous and colorful dress on marriage.

That's best done with brides who are obese.

Some wedding dresses have high necks, and maybe some brides feel that even a pearl necklace isn't "necessary".

the brides wore a red dress and the men were nude

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