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What do Humans and dolphins have in common?

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Here are some reasons

Because they are both mammals, which means to be covered in fur or hair. They both have very large brains, with dolphins being slightly bigger, but humans are still more intelligent. Both can make complicated signs and communications and both can express advanced emotions or senses. Both can live a long time, the dolphins max lifespan is 48, while humans max at out at 100 if capable. Of course, both have meat in their diet. Humans and dolphins are both extremely social, Dolphins can live in pods of over 1,000! Most people settle for a family. Dolphins can learn new things just like humans can as well.

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Both are mammals, so both have mammary glands, and hair on their skin, and they have 7 cervical vertebrae as humans do.

They are touted to be one of the only 3 animals that mate for pleasure (humans, dolphins, bonobos), and socially with many partners as many humans do. They also mate face to face unlike other animals. Dolphins do give birth to live young, and as mammals, they nurse their young with breast milk.

They have very high communication skills amongst themselves. They are very social and prefer to live in pods rather than alone. Females will create a communal/ family creche for the young, so that others may go to hunt and feed. They show emotions of happines and sadness. They mourn the death of a member of the pod, especially an offspring. They also display working in teams to achieve a common goal. When hunting, they create tight balls of sardines by circling and herding them, and then diving straight through them to feed. Pods are very protective of each other and sometimes show compassion, and may adopt a young out of another pod if it has been left behind or lost its mother.

Additionally, they have mirror neurons, being able to pass the mirror test and detect themselves in a mirror. Mirror neurons may also indicate empathy.

In short, they display more "human" emotions and behaviors than any other non-primate mammal.

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Did humans come from dolphins?

No. How ever, dolphins and humans are both mammals which means it likely that we evolved from a common ancient ancestor.

How are dolphins different from humans?

dolphins are different from humans by dolphins is similar to fish but we are not.

Are dolphins and whales humans?

No, dolphins and whales are dolphins and whales, members of the Order Cetacea. Only people are humans. Humans, like dolphins and whales, are mammals. But humans are members of the Primate Order.

How humans effect dolphins?

Humans pollute the water in which dolphins live.

Why are dolphins important to humanS?

dolphins are important to humans because they have saved alot of humans lives

Do humans help dolphins?

some people help dolphins some do not 800,000,000 humans attack dolphins that is a large number.

How are dolphins like humans?

dolphins are like humans because they are as beautiful as them, as intelligent as them, and they think and act like humans

How do dolphins relate to humans?

Dolphins are very good with humans. They are very trusted animals.

Are humans making survival easier or difficult for dolphins?

humans are making it harder for dolphins

Why are humans are fighting dolphins?

Very few humans fight with dolphins. It is not a popular sport.

How important are dolphins to humans?

Dolphins are very important to humans as there have been countless stories about dolphins saving human being's lives.

Do dolphins eat people?

No. Dolphins do not eat humans.

What color are common dolphins?

Common dolphins are grey or blue.

Do humans kill bottlenose dolphins?

humans kill bottle-nosed dolphins for food. so stop

Why dolphins considered as the second cleverest animal?

Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 1. Humans think dolphins are the second cleverest to humans as humans work, build etc. whilst dolphins play in the sea 2. Dolphins think Humanss are the second cleverest to dolphins for the same reason!(as humans work, build etc. whilst dolphins play in the sea)

Why do humans like dolphins?

Humans like dolphins because dolphins are kind and friendly. They are able to communicate with other dolphins using noises only. Humans can speak but dolphins cannot that is why they do this. If you went to see a dolphin in person a human wouldn't be scared because dolphins can do amazing tricks. Like jumping through hoops and doing flips in the air, to amuse humans like me and you.

How do humans affect dolphins?

Humans effect dolphins , by littering their habitat , killing their fish also visiting their teritory.

How many humans are killed each year by dolphins?

None humans kill dolphins not the other way around.

How do humans capture dolphins?

Normally humans don`t cacth dolphins,they get caught in fish nets instead.

What eats dolphins?

killer whales, sharks and humans eat dolphins.

How do pink dolphins have babaies?

the same way humans and normal dolphins do

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