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I had this on my 2000. Check the spark plug wires. I installed new ones and it ran like new.

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Q: What do I check when my 2000 Saturn SL idles rough and misfires when excellerating?
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1999 Saturn sL1 idles high?

throttle posistion sensor or vacuum leak

Why does 1997 Saturn SC2 idle okay and then it idles jumpy at times?

bad tps

Saturn idles revs high?

Year? Replace ECTS and clean the throttle body

What are the symtems of a bad fuel injector on a 1992 buick park ave?

hard to start misfires idles rough or not at all lack of power or acceleration poor fuel economy

Your 87 Nissan truck idles up and down?

check for vaccum leaks.

Lhs 1999 idles high check engine is on?

zyou tps might be bad

1996 geo prizm dies when accelerated idles ok mil on for random misfires plugs cap rotor wires distributor are new step on gas and it dies out tps ok map ok fuel pressure ok?

I would check the fuel filter first (could be clogged), If ok then check out the fuel pump (may be producing enough pressure at idle but not during acceleration).

LExus rx 300 engine jurking while excelerating?

if it idles rough too, check your plugs, if not, check your fuel filter.

Why is it when you crank up a 1996 Saturn it idles to high in park?

sounds like a bad iac motor(idle air control) or vacuum leak

Your Saturn starts right up but idles rough and stalls There is also a strong smell coming from the tailpipe area Once warmed up the Saturn runs normally but a little less power than usual?

I would check the temperature sensor. Sounds like the sensor is telling the computer wrong information and the the fuel mixture is being affected.

Why does your 1993 Plymouth grand voyager van idles way to fast?

check for unhooked vacuum lines

Your car idles rough and backfires what should you be looking for to fix it?

check make sure the firing order is correct.

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