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What do I do If I fall in love with a sixteen year old and I am eighteen?


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December 20, 2014 2:22PM

Enjoy the feeling. Contrary to legislation, people fall in love when they fall in love. You don't need anyone's permission to do so.

But, entering into any relationship can be a minefield today. Consider some of the points below:

  • Build your relationship on friendship, trust, and mutual integrity.
  • Take your time. You're young, so it feels like everything should be right now. If you truly love each other, that's forever. Forever is a long time.
  • Build a relationship with her family and friends. Alienate them, and you're fighting up hill.
  • Take your time. Oh, yeah, take your time. I'm stressing this on the physical side of your relationship. You may feel an overwhelming need to go as far as you can--that's right, I mean sex. You didn't mention it, but it's there behind your question. So, wait. If you love her and she you, there is no hurry. There may seem to be, but that's just the monkey part of your brain trying to take over. Be the adult the law and society claim you are and tell the monkey to shut up. Think before you do.