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What do I do about a credit card lawsuit?


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August 07, 2008 3:06PM

Speaking as someone with credit card debt and health and liquidity issues this is what I have learned: Avoid Service - they can't sue if they can't serve. Look up proper service on the web and know what it is in your state. Try to negotiate - but be careful, don't pay anything if the debt is beyond the statute of limitations. Negotiation usually only works early on and with the issuer of the debt. Know the Statute of Limitations - it is different in every state but there are law firms that make a killing buying uncollectable credit card debt and taking ignorant folks to court. Educate yourself by checking info on the web but don't buy into "credit counseling" unless the debt is recent and something you can handle. "Credit Repair" seems to be another term for "Rip-Off".