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What do I do if my iPhone apps won't lode?


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2011-12-26 17:04:52
2011-12-26 17:04:52

Turn it off completely then delete then get them again.


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Just get an iPhone their way better!

you can download some of them for andriod but the .ipa files wont work

apple create the apps on iPhone

web apps are almost like online iphone games / apps like in the name. but an iphone website is a site designed for the iphone/ in iphone format

You can plug it in to your computer and then transfer the apps and then plug in the other iPhone and put the apps onto that one.

no you cannot use ipod and iphone apps on itunes, but you can buy the apps on itunes and put them on your ipod and iphone

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Although iPads can download apps made only for iPhone/iPod Touch, the iPhone can only download iPhone or iPhone/iPad apps. Apps made only for the iPad do not appear on the App Store. Luckily most of these apps have an iPhone counterpart such as Angry Birds (iPhone) and Angry Birds HD (iPad only).

you can thousands of apps and videos on an 16gb iphone.

Over 3 billion apps are currently in the iPhone app store.

iPhone can hold 144 apps plus 4 on the dock

iPhone apps a written in the Objective-C programming language.

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You can't lock your iPhone apps without jailbreaking the phone.

There is no website for iPhone apps, apps are downloaded from the app store in iTunes.

As long as your computer has itunes that is authorised on the same itunes account as your iphone, then it will automatically transfer all your iphone apps onto the computer

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If you have an Iphone you can find free mobile apps from the Apple Apps Store. There is an app on the Iphone that will take you directly to the Apple Apps store so you can get free apps straight from your phone.

By the time I answer this question there are ~285,000 iPhone / iPod Touch apps on the iTunes App Store.

All starting apps on your iPhone and all apps that you downloaded for free are free to use. Though, not all apps are not free from the beginning, all apps that you have downloaded are free for you to use as long as you want.

You cannot delete built in apps.

I would believe so, it can be difficult to unlock your iphone though but the iphone is exclusively at tmobile in Europe.

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