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We cannot blame others for the way we feel as most times were not instantly depressed. These emotions that arise are usually repressed feelings that resurface when something in our lives gets too much to handle and then its all overwhelming and everything comes together at once. Seek some one on one professional counselling to deal with your issues it is a great outlook and will help you deal with as well as place these feelings. If you find someone triggers certain negativity for you then you will have to cut this person from your life for you own benefit.

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Should I tell someone that I'm depressed I'm scared know one will care because I don't show it and my scars and cuts aren't that big?

Go And Screwed Someone And Say You Are Depressed

Can you find a poem for someone that is imprisoned and depressed?

you are depressed. go and poo

How do you feel when someone leave you?


Can someone in depression drive you into depression as well?

yes they can because you will be depressed for them then that will make you depressed

Why do you always feel depressed when you look at someone you have feelings for?

If they haven't noticed you or know how you feel then it's called 'yearning;' you want to let them know exactly how you feel, but for some reason you can't. If you are going with someone already and feel depressed when you look at someone then you need to take time out and be honest about how you really feel about this person because this is an indication you are not truly happy with them.

What to do when you're depressed?

Well depending on how depressed you are it helps if you have a mental health therapist they can know what services you may need and find you services that will help you medications could be the issue find someone who will help you

What pathogen causes impetigo?

 dont know someone should answer it

Is bow wow depressed?

yes he is very depressed for reasons i do not know

Why am I depressed?

you are depressed because something happened in your life or someone did something to you which makes you feel sad

What does it mean when someone has the blues?

It means someone is feeling down and depressed.

My boyfriend is depressed how do i cope with it I really love him?

If your boyfriend is depressed and you love him you should try to convince him to get help. He can see his doctor to talk about the depression and possibly get some medication to help him. It can be hard to cope when someone you love is depressed. Just be strong and be there for him and let him know that you care.

What color would someone have if they are depressed?


What do you call someone with no emotions?

Apathetic, depressed.

What are the causes if a person uses drugs?

The person could be depressed.

Do goats get depressed?

Yes, they do get depressed. You know they are depressed when they stare at you with their little tail down especially when we put them in small setting.

What causes discremination?

It is when you hurt someone in a way even though you dont know them

How do i fake happiness I don't want to let my family im depressed and suicidal?

Happiness is an emotion, depression shows your sadness. It is impossible to hide. If you are feeling depressed you need to let someone know. When talking to someone give them the reasons why you feel depressed or you will never get the full purpose of talking to the person. Make sure it is someone that you can talk to without leaving any details. If you are having thoughts about suicide remember this. Someone out there loves or will love you. Every soul is precious. Yes that means you.

What does it mean when you dream someone is depressed?

This dream is the effort of your mind to get you to pay attention to your own emotional needs. You are the person who is depressed.

How can you tell if someone is being bullied?

Easy. If someone is acting depressed, and has everyone staring at them. I was a victim and I felt this way. Moving to CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS helps to prevent this. I had theses experiences, and I know the truth.

What does it mean to have a heavy heart?

When someone has a heavy heart it mean that they're sad or depressed. An example of someone with a heavy heart would be like someone who has just lost a loved one and is very sad or depressed because of it.

What does it mean when someone calls you blue?

It means you are a misarable

What could happen to someone who took an antidepressant pill if they are not depressed Any long term effects?

Exactly the same as if you are depressed, there is no difference.

Should someone tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed?

Someone should not tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed if that person is truly suffering from depression. Depression is a debilitating mental illness and often has no apparent cause. People who are depressed often don't have a reason and wouldn't be able to pinpoint one when asked either. Statements like these from a loved one could potentially worsen the depression.

How many people are depressed in the world?

Most people are depressed on the inside, you will probably never know the exact number.

I feel depressed and lonely and I don't know what to do?

Very sad ,lonely & depressed don't feel like living