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What do I have to do to send a inmate on Rikers Island a letter?

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Can you send an inmate at rikers island a letter without knowing their ID number?

No, you can not, just search on google NYC correction inmate lookup and click on the first link, and write there first and last name and they will give you all the information including there book and case number.

Can you send inmates on rikers island pictures?

Yes you can

Where do you send mail to an inmate in attica correctional facility?

Where do i send a letter to for a prisoner in attica

What to send to inmate in jail?

In which context?

How do you send an inmate money in Missouri?

JPay is the fastest method. For a small fee, you can send money that will be available to the inmate by the next morning.

If you wanted to send a letter to Kings Island who owould you send it to?

The question is too vague! It depends on why the letter is being sent?

If you send a letter to a federal inmate do they keep track of you?

Only insofar as the fact that you are a correspondent of that particular inmate. The prison authorities have the authority to open, read, and censor any mail or packages sent to inmates.

How do you send money to Oklahoma state inmate?


How do you send money order to inmate?

How can I send a money order to an inmate in Ohio from the UK.We don't have money orders hear.Jpay is a way but they don't serve the prison my friend is at.??

How do you send money to an inmate?

I use to send money to my family member in prison...takes about 5 days for them to get it but it's cheaper then the alternative and reliable.Another reliable resource is:JPay, Inc.P.O. Box 530955Miami, FL 33153-0955 (800) 574-5729Note that their web site is NOT That is a rip off copycat site. I have used in past and it is the correct site.From Bronx or ManhattanTake the number 4,5,or 2 train- #19 or #2 bus to 149th st. and Grand Concourse. Walk half block down 149th street toward Lincoln Hospital you can take the Rikers van from 149th and Anthony J Griffin Pl. The van will travel over the Rikers Island Bridge to the Rikers Island Visit Centercall (718-568-5685)Read more: How_do_you_get_to_Riker's_Island

How many letters can the inmate send and receive?

The number of letters and inmate can send and receive depends on the facility a person is in. Most facilities allow unlimited mail back and forth.

How do you send a package to an inmate in Arizona prison? to send packages to inmates anywhere in the United States

Where do you send the letter to on reality T.V island?

To the right of the T.V. store, is a mail box. That's where you put the letter.

How do you marry an inmate in the state of Colorado?

You need to get the inmate to request a Marriage form. They fill it out and send it to you.... My brother is in the process of getting it right now.

How do you purchase a care package for an inmate at kings county jail?

I need to send a packdege to a inmate in Kings County Jail Hanford Ca.

How are you able to send a letter to an inmate?

What state is the inmate in? If that person is in California, you contact the County jail; give them the name, and birthdate of the person you're looking for. If the person is in Prison; you contact the State Prison board for the state you think the inmate might be in. Then provide the same info as if looking for someone in county jail. Or you can go to the courthouse where the inmate was convicted and provide the same info, as mentioned above.

How many pictures can you send and inmate at corcorn prison?

In order to determine how many pictures you can send and inmate at Corcoran prison you need to contact the prison administration. You will be informed if you are even allowed to do so in the first place.

Who do you make a money out to when sending to an inmate at DVI?

You make the money order out to the inmate and include the CDC number on the money order. Do not send checks or cash.

How can you know how much paperenvelopes and stamps you can send inmate?

ask the prison office

Can you send a phone card to an inmate?

yes you can! you just go to the bank and ask them

How can you send money online for an inmate at North Kern Prison?

You can go to and send money. I've used it twice. It says they process the money overnight, however, one transaction took 2 days another took 4 days, and they DO NOT notify the inmate that they have money. You will need to tell the inmate that you are sending it.

What allowable items can you send in a package to an inmate in Arizona state prison?

non lethal

How do you send a wedding ring to an inmate in prison?

* You can send the ring by 'post' and put insurance on it (does not cost a lot) and address to the prison. Whoever checks the mail in the prison before the particular inmate gets their mail will receive it during mail call.

How do i Send mail to an inmate at downstate correctional facility?

Call the facility and ask them what the inmates number is and what is the address. You will need the inmate number to be able to get any mail. So the best way to do this is to just call and ask so you can send mail.

What is the code city to send western union to inmate in Arizona?

I struggled with this question, as well, but finally found an answer. City Code: ADOC. This can be used for Western Union. The only other way to send money is by Money Order. This is about $13 cheaper. Make it out to him/her with their Inmate Number; then send it to the inmate's address. When the prison opens the mail, they will send it to his/her account (after they get their cut).