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Q: What do I use to thin buttermilk?
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Can yogurt replace buttermilk when baking?

Yes, plain yoghurt can replace buttermilk in baking, but you might want to thin the yogurt with a little regular milk or water, until it is the same consistency as buttermilk.

Is buttermilk spoiled milk?

No. Buttermilk was originally simply what was left after churning cream into butter. It was very thin and not very appetizing. Nowadays, buttermilk is made with special cultures and emulsifiers, it is thick and creamy, and to some is very tasty.

Can buttermilk be used with baking powder?

Yes, you can use buttermilk with baking powder.

Can you use buttermilk for scalloped potatoes?

You can most definitely use buttermilk for scalloped potatoes. It will give them a nice flavor. I suggest adding some fresh Rosemary to complement the twang of the buttermilk.

What can you use in place of buttermilk in cooking?

Instead of buttermilk, you can use heavy cream, half and half, mayonnaise, or marscapone cheese.

Can you use buttermilk when baking corn muffins?

Yes, buttermilk can be used when baking corn muffins if additional baking soda is added to counteract the acidity of the buttermilk.

Can you use buttermilk for a substition for baking powder?

No, you can substitute buttermilk for milk but not for baking powder.

What are some recipes that use buttermilk ranch dressing in it?

Some recipes that use buttermilk ranch dressing are sometimes side meals. For example fried pickles are excellent with a creamy buttermilk ranch dressing as is a chickpea salad.

Can you use buttermilk biscuit mix in place of buttermilk baking mix in a recipe?

Stupid question = Stupid answer

How much liquid buttermilk do you use in place of 4 tablespoons of powdered buttermilk?

1 powder buttermik

How do you make yogurt from buttermilk?

Use the same instructions for making yogurt from milk except substitute buttermilk for the milk.

Can you use out of date buttermilk in bread?


Can buttermilk be substituted for milk in jiffy corn bread mix?

I just use half milk and and half buttermilk to equal the amount of liquid called for on the box.

Can you use buttermilk in mashed potatoes?

I don't think you can

Can you use buttermilk in cornbread instead of milk?


Can you use buttermilk in tea or coffee?

No the tea or coffee wil burst and also its not healthy. It wont burst it will just taste bad because buttermilk is sour

Can you use buttermilk instead of milk in pudding?

Yes - if you like to experiment. To be on the safe side, look in your lending library for hundred-year-old recipe books and use one of the recipes that call for buttermilk. It will produce a characteristically mild sourness. You could try substituting yoghurt in place of buttermilk that hasn't been damaged by pasteurisation and added flavours.

Can you use buttermilk instead of whole milk in a cake recipe?

Buttermilk has a different acidity than whole milk. If used in a cake mix that calls for whole or 2% milk, a teaspoon of baking soda should be added to balance the acid in the buttermilk.

What to use instead of sour cream or yogurt when a recipe as for it?


What are the buttermilk recipes?

You can use buttermilk in a wide variety of recipes such as biscuits, waffles, bread, scones, and even candy. You can find many more recipes that uses buttermilk, and other ingredients, at Performing a search on "buttermilk" on the website would bring up hundreds of recipes, which includes the items I listed before.

Can you use buttermilk in homemade garlic potatoes?

Yes, they have many recipes online too. You can look up "Buttermilk Garlic Potatoes" and it will give you some results.

What kind of milk do you use to make buttermilk?

Buttermilk is the cultured liquid remaining after the milkfat has been churned and butter removed. The process begins with whole milk that has not been homogenized.

What can be used as a substitute for eggs when breading chicken?

You can use buttermilk. Dip the chicken pieces in buttermilk, drain a bit, then dip in flour. Seasoning the flour is optional.

Can you use buttermilk instead of heavy cream in a carrot soup?

I wouldn't suggest using buttermilk in carrot soup. It would give your soup a soured flavor.

Can you use buttermilk instead of milk in bisquick biscuits?

Will work fine.