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What do Irish people look like?

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Irish people are caucasian Europeans. They are stereotyped to be rufous (red-headed) and extremely white skinned. While true for a small portion of the Irish and Irish-Americans, most Irish people actually do not fit this description. They range from very white to light brunet skinned (like Irish stepdancer Gillian Norris and actor Colin Farrell) and most have dark brown hair. All shades of brown are common as well as blonde and jet black hair. Red hair is, as mentioned above, least common but still present throughout the population. Eyes of all colors are present in the Irish population. Irish people of darker complexions are sometimes termed "Black Irish" in the United States and are said to be the descendants of Spaniards who swam to shore following the wreckage of the Spanish Armada off the west coast of Ireland. This legend is false; the "darker" Irish are most likely the original Celtic inhabitants of the island, predating the Viking and Anglo invasions from the east. Additionally, the R1b haplogroup is most common in western, southern and northern Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Galicia and the Basques, suggesting these peoples have similar origins. Many researchers place the origin of the original Hibernians (ancient Celtic Irish) in northern Spain and northern Portugal. These first inhabitants were most likely medium skinned and dark haired, like most early (Bronze Age and Pre-Bronze Age) western Europeans.

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