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they wear normal clothes like normal people.

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Q: What do Irish people wear during Christmas?
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What the people wear during Christmas?

obviously pajamas and slacks.

What types of traditional clothing do Irish people wear?

Irish people wear quilts and long socks.

What does Spain wear during Christmas?

Spain people where whatever they want during Christmas they go outside and show off there awesome clothesThey actually wear there normal summer cloths and prefer to wear sandals or thongs

What do Irish people wear?


What do Portuguese people wear on Christmas?

Portuguese people sometimes wear red, green, and gold on Christmas.

What do Mexican people wear during Christmas?

nothing there just naked!! and always in front of someone!!

Why do the Irish people not wear the poppy?

Irish Catholics do not wear the poppy because it is orange, the Protestant color.

Why do people in Australia wear costumes for Christmas?

People in Austalia do not wear costumes for Christmas. The only people who wear costumes are those employed as a Father Christmas - or something similar - in shopping centres.

Do Irish people wear normal clothes?

Yes, Irish people wear ordinary clothes, such as jeans, t-shirts, dresses, etc.

Do you have to be Irish to wear a Claddagh ring?

No, Anybody can wear it. The Claddagh ring comes from Ireland but it is not for Irish people only.

What do people in Iraq wear for Christmas?

People in Iraq do not celebrate christmas, with the exception of a very small minority of Christians who do not wear anything specific on Christmas.

What do people in Switzerland wear on Christmas?

People in Switzerland wear normal everyday clothing on Christmas. When there are parties for traditional clothing, people often wear Bishop hats.

What Russian people wear for Christmas?

they wear normal cloths as Christian people.

What colors do Jamaica wear during Christmas time?


What do Germans wear during Christmas?

Warm clothes.

What colors do Irish people wear?

In modern-day Ireland they wear any color they like. The stereotypical Irish color is green.

What colour do priests wear during Christmas?

All through Advent they wear violet, and at Christmas they wear white, gold may always be substituted for white..

What do the Irish people wear?

Kilts and sweater vests.

In the 1900s what did Irish people wear?

We wore kilts.

What do Irish people wear on chritmas?

A big smile.

What do Scottish people wear at Christmas?

Paper hats from Christmas crackers.

What does Ireland people where?

Irish people wear clothes the same as everywhere else! But many Irish and Northern-Irish wear Soccer or Gaelic Football team/club jerseys. (I should know I am from and live in Ireland)!!

Why do Irish people wear plaid skirts?

They don't. Even though Scotland people wear kilts ,and they are very close to Ireland , most Irish people just dress like Americans.

What do people wear on Christmas?

I wear a dress and sometimes I put ribbons in my hair.

What kind of clothes do Swiss people wear at Christmas?

they wear pajamasjdioajdioasjo