What do Italy and America have in common?

Among what Italy and the Americas have in common are ancientmountains of cultural significance, cities of international importance, coastal economies, Italian food, people of Italian heritage, and Roman Catholicism. As an example, Italy is home to part of the Alps and to the Apennines. Latin America has the Andes Mountains. The United States of America boasts the Rockies.

For example, Italy has Rome. Latin America has Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a city of Italian immigrants and of world import. The United States has New York City.

In the way of another example, the Italian peninsula is surrounded on three sides by water, and on all sides in the cases of the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Latin America has coastal economies on all sides of the South American continent and the Caribbean islands, and on three sides of Central America. The United States has coastal economies of the east, south, and north.

In the way of still other examples, Italy and the Americas are prime locations for and sources of Italian food, people of Italian heritage, and the Roman Catholic religion.