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Masks worn by samurai warriors were simply to look scary as far as i know. A combination of the mask and the headdress with horns and stuff would have been a most intimidating sight if it was running straight at you! But other masks may have been used in plays (mainly noh theatre) and other drama. I don't know too much about Japanese masks but i know that in Indonesia masks with small eyes and sharp noses are heroes and good guys, where as masks with big eyes and round noses are evil villains. It is different in Japan; the larger the eyes, the more trustworthy the character.

In traditional Kabuki theatre all actors were men, and the actors didn't speak, this was done by a chorus of musicians. The masks portrated the characters being played and clearly showed the audience whether the player was male or female, young or old, hero or villain (or demon).

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Q: What do Japanese masks mean?
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Japanese masks are very colorful. These masks have a lot of red and gold on them. They are shiny and have ribbons hanging from them.

What society are Japanese mask from?

Japanese masks are inherently Japanese.

Why did Japanese samurai wear masks?

Japanese Samurai masks served as a type of facial armor. There were four types of Samurai masks, the Menpo, Hanbo, Happuri, and the Somen.

What are most Japanese masks made out of?

Most Japanese masks are made out of porcelain. It is because porcelain is a very shiny material.

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How do you spell masks in Japanese?

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Japanese people wear masks in public when they are sick. It is considered courteous to do so for the sake of people around them.

What are japanese masks made from?

The masks are made out of materials such as clay, dry lacquer, cloth, paper

Why are the masks drawn exaggeration?

Masks are generally exaggerated because they were once used in Japanese Kabuki theatre. The masks were used in theatre to display the emotions of the characters.

I am looking for different types of japanese masks for my tattoo and the only one i can seem to find is Hanya but I was told there are several different ones with different meanings?

There are alot of different Japanese masks, they are called Noh masks and hanya is a type of them. If you type in Google 'Noh Masks' it comes with unlimited references and pictures. Enjoy!

What are the Noh theatre masks made from?

They are made of Japanese cypress wood.

What are some different types of traditional Japanese masks?

Traditional Japanese masks used for Kabuki theater and ceremonial events are the Doritos Locos, the Green Hornet, the iMac, and the most popular throughout the entire country, the Wedgie.

What does mascaras de los vejigantes mean?

The masks of los vejigantes or los vejigantes masks.

What type of Japanese theatre was based on legends and used masks?

I think it is called "kabuki".

What were masks used for in japan today?

The only masks I've seen Japanese people wearing is to cover their faces when they have a cold which might otherwise be spread, in such a crowded place.

What are Japanese masks made of?

They could be made of clay, dry lacquer, cloth, paper and/or wood

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What does the yellow mean on African masks?

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What types of theatre use masks?

Masks were an integral part of ancient Greek tragedy, and possibly comedy as well. Half-masks were used in the Commedia dell'arte's improvised performances, the character was thought to be inherent in the mask. Japanese Noh plays use very intricate masks that appear to change expression when he angle of the head changes. Though they are not masks, elaborate make-up in Kabuki and Bejing Opera serves a similar purpose.