What do Jews do?

Jews do Mitzvot. The word "Mitzvot" is the plural of the word "Mitzvah." A mitzvah is a Jewish word for a Divine commandment. For those who have read the bible, there are 613 commandments in the Torah. Those are the mitzvot. They include the Ten Commandments, as well as laws about charity (called Tzedekah), respect, and many other things.
The reason that the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and its mitzvot do not include the New Testament is that the Jewish religion is older than the new testament, and Jews do not believe in the concept of a son of God.

Of course there are many kinds of Jews and lifestyles and they can't all be described in a short article.

The typical religious Jew - probably the majority of them - tends to be a white-collar worker who, in addition to a regular job, attends synagogue services morning and evening each day. Many also attend a daily "Daf Yomi" class in which one page of the Talmud is taught each day. Religious Jews tend to get married relatively young (early twenties) and have large families (six to ten children is commonplace); and family life is paramount in importance.

The parents are deeply involved in the education of their children. They foot the bill for private-school for the children because of the importance of a Jewish education.

Daily life in the home is replete with mitzvah-observances. Blessings are said over all foods and drinks; Torah-festivals and Sabbath are observed in the home, and the children are taught portions from the Torah on a daily or weekly basis.

Though conversation is typically in English, it is seasoned with hundreds of Hebrew and Yiddish expressions, many of them expressing religious concepts.

The kosher diet is adhered to. Clothing will be more or less Western (modern) in appearance (depending on the particular Jewish community), but it is always modest in style.

Religious Jewish women have a tightly-knit community of their own; each woman has a close circle of friends who constantly share and help each other. Many women attend weekly classes in various subjects of Torah or outlook.

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