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What do Least Weasels eat?


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Least weasels usually eat mice, rats, voles and chipmunks. They also occasionally eat birds, bird eggs, snakes, frogs and insects.


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No. Weasels eat rabbits.

no, mice do not eat weasels

Yes alligators eat weasels.

No. The platypus does not eat other mammals; nor are there any weasels in Australia.

European (or Least ) Weasels feed on small mammals and occasionally birds, their eggs, insects, amphibians, reptiles and berries

least weasels, short-haired weasels, & ferrets

Yes, weasels eat anything they can catch

Yes. Weasels can and do kill and eat chickens.

Yes it does eat a weasels. almost more then 30% of weasels are eaten by indeed hawks. hope that helps!

Yes weasels do eat snakes. Mainly small ones.

Yes a peacock does eat weasels and anything else if it is hungry enough.

Yes. I believe that eagles can eat weasels. Weasels are smaller than a eagle i believe that they could eat weasels if it came down to starving or surviving

yes . opossums are considered as small animals . weasels eat small animals .

Yes, Weasels eat small animals like chickens and mice.

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Long tailed weasel don't eat plants. they are carnivores (meat-eating). Like most weasels, Long-tailed Weasels mainly eat rodents

Weasels prefer to eat things other than salamanders. However, in times when their favorite sources of food are scarce, they will eat them.

Yes, weasels are on the long list of prey taken by wolves.

No, they are carnivores.

No, pandas do not eat weasels. Pandas are from China. Weasels aren't very common in China. Pandas eat bamboo everyday, no weasels involved in their diet. Giant pandas eat around 45 pounds of bamboo everyday. Pandas diet sometimes consist of 100% bamboo for thei whole life.

Long & Short-Hair weasels The Least Weasel

They could but weasels generally eat mice, voles, shrews, moles, rabbits and small birds and their egg.

Yes there are about 3 species of weasels in Africa. This includes the least, striped and Saharan striped weasels.

No, they are carnivores. They eat meat.

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