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Madagascar has [*] little lemurs, birds, insects, etc.

[*] 587.051 km2 (being the 4th largest island in the world), with several groups of people (a 20-million mixture of several Austronesian tribes´descendants, natives [Africans], Arab descendants, Indians, Chinese, Europeans [formerly many of French origin], Comorans and a few others), many beaches and mountains as well, forests (a few ones being completely or partially intact), but also savana-like plains, there existing baobab (trees) and some desert areas and xeric shrublands, many kinds of plants in several parts of its territory, more than 500 types of reptiles and amphibians (wow!), also other wild animals and others, some harbours, parks, besides fishing and agriculture with much vanilla, coffee, sugarcane, peanuts, bananas, beans, cocoa, cloves, rice, cassava, and also livestock, mining (coal, ilmenite, nickel, some gas and oil), essential oils and textile products.

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What plants are found in the Madagascar Rainforest?

There's the Madagascar palm, Madagascar orchid, and the Madagascar dragon tree.

How do you say welcome to Madagascar in Madagascar?

In Madagascar, "Welcome" is "Tonga soa"

What is the word Madagascar in french?

Madagascar is Madagascar for french people Madagascar is an island and a movie for English people same

What is a primate of Madagascar?

A lemur is a primate of madagascar, lemurs are the only primates in madagascar

Was Madagascar always called Madagascar?

no, the original name for Madagascar was the Malagasy Republic.

Is Madagascar a Democracy?

Is Madagascar a democracy?

Where can the Madagascar periwinkle be found?


Where do Madagascar dragonflies live?


Where do Madagascar sifaka alive?


Where can Madagascar the rainforest be found?

In Madagascar

Where do Madagascar beetles live?


Are there cheetahs in Madagascar?

No, there are no cheetahs in Madagascar.

Does Madagascar have a nickname Madagascar?


What are some names of deserts in Madagascar?

The Madagascar spiny thickets (also known as the Madagascar spiny forests) is located in southern Madagascar.

What is the best place to go in Madagascar?

The Capital in Madagascar, Antananarivo The Capital in Madagascar, Antananarivo

Does Madagascar have any famous landmarks?

"Madagascar Ravinala" and "Madagascar tete de Zebue".

What films do people watch in Madagascar?

They are known to quite enjoy Madagascar and Madagascar 2.

Which is farther east madagascar or mozambique?


Why is Madagascar called Madagascar?

it sounds call

What island is bigger Jamaica or Madagascar?


Name you a land mark in Madagascar?


What are the holidays about in Madagascar?

madagascar does not have any holidays

What deserts are in Madagascar?

The Spiny Desert is in Madagascar.

What is Madagascar in french?

Exactly the same: Madagascar.

Who colonized Madagascar?


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