What do Madagascar have?

Madagascar has [*] little lemurs, birds, insects, etc.

[*] 587.051 km2 (being the 4th largest island in the world), with several groups of people (a 20-million mixture of several Austronesian tribes┬┤descendants, natives [Africans], Arab descendants, Indians, Chinese, Europeans [formerly many of French origin], Comorans and a few others), many beaches and mountains as well, forests (a few ones being completely or partially intact), but also savana-like plains, there existing baobab (trees) and some desert areas and xeric shrublands, many kinds of plants in several parts of its territory, more than 500 types of reptiles and amphibians (wow!), also other wild animals and others, some harbours, parks, besides fishing and agriculture with much vanilla, coffee, sugarcane, peanuts, bananas, beans, cocoa, cloves, rice, cassava, and also livestock, mining (coal, ilmenite, nickel, some gas and oil), essential oils and textile products.