What do Malaysian food and Australian food have in common?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What do Malaysian food and Australian food have in common?
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What wrong with malaysian food?

Nothing is wrong with Malaysian food.

What is the concept of Malaysian's open house?

The concept of Malaysian open house is common during festivities. Some of the most common times are Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and Deepavali. These festivities are where the host opens their home and have gatherings that include food.

What type of food do malaysians eat?

all types of malaysian food

What is Adele fav food?

She likes malaysian food, and she hates anchovies, haha

What is the malsiyan food-?

There are many foods in the Malaysian cuisine. Some staple ingredients include rice, bread, noodles, poultry, and beef.

What is common assault under west Australian law?

what is common assault under west Australian law ? what is common assault under west Australian law ?

What are facts about Australian food?

1.australian animals can become food 2.there are australian meat pies 3. people like to eat there food in restrauants

How do Malaysian indigenous and folk arts reflect the life of the common folks?

yawa ka

Australian's main food they eat?

the main Australian food is kangaroo but alot of Australia's food is from other countries.

What is a blackwood?

A blackwood is any of various trees yielding a dark wood, including the African blackwood, Australian blackwood, Malaysian blackwood, and Bombay blackwood.

Is a dolphin an Australian animal?

Yes: dolphins are common in Australian waters.

What types of food are offered at Mutiara?

Mutiara is a chain of Malaysian restaurants. They specialize in selling Malaysian dishes, such as lamb curry or fried noodles. The chain has several branches in Malaysia, as well as one in Auckland.