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What do Primary elections accomplish?


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Presidential Primaries determine how many electoral collage votes each candidate gets for the election.

determines the party candidate to run in the general election


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The primary elections are the elections in which a president is elected.

The purpose of primary elections is to choose the candidates for the main elections.

The difference between primary and general elections is that the general election picks the candidates on the primary ticket. Primary elections determine the winner of the office.

Primary elections are held in April.

The 2012 Primary elections will be held on March 16.

In Texas there are four elections, which are Primary elections, General elections, Special elections and others.

Primary elections arent actually elections they just serve to measure party support

May 17th, 2011 is the primary date for municipal, local elections.

The primary elections did begin so that the people would democratically elect their leader of choice.

primary goals are trying to accomplish but s.goals are wish to accomplish

No, in an election year, primary elections are held in order to pick the party candidates for the general election which is held in November (Although primary often means most important, sometimes, as in this case, primary means first.)

1.Primary elections 2. General Elections3. Elections on specific policy questions

It has all 3 types of elections just like the other 49 states.

midterms? everyone primary ? depends on primary set up,closed only party members vote,open..cross voting permitted

During primary elections, voters have the ability to choose who will run as their party's representatives in the next election. Primary elections are held for governmental posts at all levels, state, local, and federal.

The main Presidential and Congressional elections are held in November. Primary elections and caucuses are held in prior months.

Political parties use primary elections to determine who they will nominate to represent the parties in the general elections. In the general elections, voters choose from among candidates of various political parties their preferences to fill government offices.

The Arkansas primary will be held on May 22, 2012.

governor's have TWO elections to get elected,primary AND general

Delegates were established in the primary elections during caucuses and primaries. Both a primary and a caucus are indirect elections.?æ Local and state governments organize primaries. Caucuses are run by the respective political parties and delegates are chosen at private events.

primary elections,election of us senators, recall elections, the inititative and referendum

Each party chooses its convention delegates through a combination of primary elections and wards

in non partisan elections, candidates do not run as members of political parties

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