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Q: What do Scottish people eat in the 1800?
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Do the Scottish people eat with forks?

yes scottish people eat with forks and the same cutlery as everyone else

What do Scottish people eat and drink?

Scottish people eat rice with macaroni mixed with pees altogether.

What do scottish people eat for Christmas?

they eat haggis

What food do scottish people eat?

Scottish people eat things like haggis, kale, blueberries, and meat pies. They also eat porridge and different kinds of trifles.

Do Scottish people eat Canadians?

I cant say with 100% certainty that there has not been a Scottish cannibal that has claimed a Canadian victim, but I think I can say pretty safely on the whole that Scottish people do not eat Canadians.

How do Scottish people eat?

Scottish people eat the same way everybody else eats. They open their mouth, place food inside, chew and then swallow.

What do Scottish people eat for dessert?

Some Scottish desserts are profiteroles(not a traditional Scottish dessert,) or chocolate cream.

What do Scottish people eat for dinner?

Scottish people eat a wide variety of foods for their dinner. Traditional offerings include haggis, mashed turnips, and Angus roast.

What type of people will eat haggis tonight?

Scottish people, haggis is a dish from Scotland.

Did people eat sausages in the 1800?


What did people eat in the 1800?

People ate much the same things that we eat today early reference.

What dessrts did the 1800 people eat?


What did the people eat on the Mississippi river in the 1800's?

people mostly fish

Do Scottish people eat fish?

yes!! of course we do, lots of it!! haha

Do Scottish people eat antelope?

No, because it isn't available. If it were they would eat it deep fried in batter.

What did African people eat in 1800?

food u imbelice

What do Scottish people eat on Christmas?

They eat turkey and chocolates.They eat roast goose, roast pork, beef,fish,so mostly meat.

What do Scottish people eat for a snack?

Scottish people eat variety of foods as snacks or treats including fried Mars bars and cranachan, which is a layered treat of pudding fruit, and oats. Pudding sandwiches and fruits are other snacks they enjoy.

What do Scottish people eat to celebrate burns birth?

We eat Haggis Traditionally. Did you know 2009 is his 250th Annaversary?

What chocolate do Scottish people eat?

The same as anywhere else. What's wrong with you ?

What did people eat in Maine 1800?

People in the Maine region ate seafood, game from the woods and produce from their fields in 1800. It was a harsh environment, but the people were hardy and able to withstand the weather.

What do scottish people eat for lunch?

do you know that china dident envent furtune cookies scotland people did?

What do scotish people eat?

Haggis is a common food that Scottish people eat. Salmon and game type meats are also commonly eaten in Scotland.

What type of fruits do Scottish people eat?

we eat the same fruits as anyone else but we also sometimes eat neaps which are the same as leaks

What jobs did Scottish immigrants have in the late 1800's?

They had many jobs but one of the jobs that most Scottish had were the act of farming.