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The Tswana diet depends on where they are living. More rural people tend to combine the 'modern' foods (exotics such as spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, etc) with traditional foods. The carbohydrate staple consumed by most is a stiff porridge made from maize flour, water and salt. This is sometimes exhanged with a local steamed bread, store bought bread or other vegetable starches (potatoes/ sweet potatoes). Wild food such as Amaranthus spp. and Cleome gynandra are also used as a leafy vegetable, though the younger generation tends not to eat these plants as they feel that the food is inferior. This is, however, not true, as many of them have high nutritional value. These plants have, unfortunately, been labelled as poverty foods by many. There are also several pumpkin types that are also consumed. The more urban Tswana have mostly lost the traditional food culture, though many of the people over 35 will buy these traditional foods if they can. In these areas mostly bought "supermarket" types of food are consumed. In general poorer households will consume the wild and weedy leafy vegetables (also known as morogo) if they have access to them.

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What did wealthy Tswana people eat?

they eat stuff like Tswana soup with has there slaves blood into make source and iron

What type of food does Tswana people eat?

mala mogodu

What kind for food do the tswana people eat during celebration?

i dont know thats why i"m ask you guys,its for a school project,please.

What clothes do tswana people wear?

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What is tswana dance called?

what is the tswana dance called

What is friend in Tswana?

"tsala" is the word for friend in Tswana, an African language also known as South Sotho and spoken by the people of Botswana, South Africa's Northwest Province and the surrounding areas.

What is an elephant in tswana?


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How do you say hello in tswana?


How do you say goodbye in Tswana?

Sala pila

What are the African words for hope and future?


How do you say beautiful tswana?

dumela mmamonthle

What language family does Tswana belong?

The Tswana language belongs to the Bantu group of the Niger-Congo languages, and makes up 80% of language spoken in Botswana

How do you say i love you in tswana?

Ke a go rata.

How do you say hi beautiful in Tswana?

Dumela mmabontle

What does sala sentle mean in Tswana?

''stay well''

What is God bless you in Tswana?

Modimo a go segofatse

What Tswana people celebrate?

They celebrate weddings, birthday, party, youth gatherings and child birthday. The only time they don't celebrate is during funerals.

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What does your name Osiame mean?

Osiame is tswana and it means "He (God) is good"

What is the nationality of the last name lebo?

south Africa from pedi or tswana language meaning appreciation .Some people say that last name lebo is from France.

What event is based on an ethicnic tradition?

The word also refers to ethnically "Tswana" people, as distinct from the other liberal democracy is based on an ethnically homogeneous population.

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