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they look like a piece of paper that saves Canada

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No double bonds. Double bonds look like this: C=C Single bonds look like this: C-C Note: the C is an example, any element can replace it.

Take it to your banker, they can look it up and tell you current value if you want to cash it. I think victory bonds are still earning interest.

Ionic bonds don't "look like" anything; they're electrostatic interactions and can't be seen.

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Twisted ladder and a double helix figure with bonds. Genes do not show but they are included.

A Double Helix shape connected through Hydrogen bonds

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The Lewis structure of compounds uses dots and bands to show bonds and molecules. It is the standard model used showing covalence and ionic bonds for compounds.

the bonds are down 70%.....doesn't look good, does it?

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It looks like an oil, somewhat like olive oil does. Adding hydrogen saturates the carbon to carbon bonds making it a solid.

it looks like world of warcraft

The [atomic] chemical bonds that are only found in proteins are called peptide bonds. Carbohydrate bonds look like -C-C-C-, while peptide bonds view as -C-N-C-C-N-C-C-N-C, hence the need for Nitrogen.

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