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What do World War 2 Bronze Stars look like?

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they look like bronze stars.

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(Reference the military award) When first awarded, the Bronze Star is a five-pointed star, bronze colored, on a mostly red ribbon. When worn thereafter, it's just a snippet of the red ribbon, which tiny metal pieces on it indicating subsequent awards, so "5 bronze stars" would be one red ribbon with four little metal tokens on it (and possibly a "V for valor" device if the award was for heroism rather than achievement).

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Some are bronze, like the bronze star. It is called a silver star, in fact it is bronze with a silver star of smaller size inside the larger star. I got to see one when I went to the awarding for a guy in my unit. You can see what they look like by doing an image search in Google. The Silver Star is the third highest metal for Valor in the United Stats military. the ranking of metals awarded for Valor (Army, navy and Air force have different Crosses) are as listed below Metal of Honor Distinguished Service Cross (Army) Silver Star Bronze Star with V for Valor Bronze Stars can also be awarded for service but they do not have the V device for valor

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