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That the person likes airplanes, but if the tattoos are on his genitalia, then well, he has a fetish :/

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Does emley osmend have tattoos?

Do you mean Emily Osment? No, she doesn't have any tattoos.

What do ankle tattoos mean?

There is no specific meaning behind ankle tattoos. This is just a place where people can put the different tattoos.

What do wizard tattoos mean?

they mean facatchasdfhd;slfj

What tattoos symbolize perserverance?

The Koi fish is used as a symbol of perseverance for tattoos. Turtles are also great for tattoos that mean perseverance.

What is the meaning of star tattoos?

the meaning of star tattoos most likely mean your from hoover

What do fang tattoos mean?

Fang tattoos are a warning to others that the person with them are emotionally unstable

What airplane logo has a kangaroo tail on it?

Did you really mean "airplane" - or did you mean airline . -If airline it is Qantas.

Are Tom Hardy's tattoos for real?

Do You Mean Jeff Hardy? If So Yes his Tattoos Are For Real.

What do chain tattoos mean?

It means whatever you want it to mean.

Are tattoos acceptable in the dance industry?

Which "dance industry" do you mean? Exotic dancers all have tattoos anymore. In ballet it's still not acceptable to have tattoos.

What do tongan tribal tattoos mean?

Tonga tattoos are very similar to Samoan tattoos, telling the life story of the wearer & showing his ranking in society & his age.

What does a small airplane on a map key mean?

A small airplane on a map key represents an airport hence the airplane.

What does dolphin tattoos mean?

Tattoos are art and expressions of your mind and dolphins can mean whatever you want. think about it...dolphins are happy and free and are known to be clowns of the ocean.

What do Yadier Molina's neck tattoos mean?

The tattoos on Yadier Molina's neck are personal to him and he doesn't talk about them to the media.

Do cats have tattos?

Tattoos? you mean like there shin is the same color as the fur underneath? yes. ink tattoos? no.

How can you fly without a airplane?

a helicopter Additional answer That depends on what you mean by airplane. Some people might argue that a helicopter IS an airplane

What do cross tattoos mean?

It usually symbolises Christ.

What do pheonix tattoos mean?

typically rebirth or reinvention.

What does the undertakers tattoos mean?

They're a representation of his character.

What does a catfish tattoo mean?

That you like catfish tattoos. ;)

What do tattoos of names on the left wrist mean?

Tattoos of names on the left wrist mean that someone was important. Names that are tattooed on the body are very important names to these people.

Meaning of Alyssa Milano's tattoos?

Alyssa Milano has not publicized what her tattoos mean. The meaning of a tattoo is a personal belief and feeling.

Does USB works in airplane?

Do you mean do usb devices work on an airplane? If so then yes.

What does it mean if an airplane has constant velocity?

it means that the airplane is staying in motion but will soon crash;)

What does it mean when a girl has a tattoo of a cherry?

it means she got a cherry tattooed on her. stop looking for meaning in tattoos. not all tattoos "symbolize" things. tattoos are whimsical and fun a lot of the time.

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