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A typical sidewall designation looks like this: P205/65 R15 If you follow the link I provided to the right, there's a great explanation of what all that junk means.

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How soon should sidewalls on tires show wear?

Tire sidewalls should never show wear. If you see wear on your sidewalls, someone has been running into curbs or have run on a flat for awhile.

What is the recommended tire pressure for a 2004 Maxima?

Check the sidewalls on the tires. It will be "printed" there.

Was does scuffing tires mean?

That happens when you drive too close to the kerb and rub the sidewalls. This can damage the sidewalls enough to give you vibration or wobble at high speeds.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 2002 Nissan Maxima?

Check the sidewalls of your tires. It is "printed" there.

What tires should you use on a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic?

There is a varietyof tires for sale but I prefer the OEM tire, a Dunlop touring elite as they have stronger sidewalls.

What size inner tube does a 22 Punish BMX Bike need?

The sidewalls of the tires are usually marked with their size, just pick a tube with the same numbers. Probably something like 20 x 2. You can get high quality 22" inner tubes and tires from the online store.

How much pressure should go in a bike?

Not more than what the tires are rated for, which is printed on the sidewalls of the tires. You can run lower if you wish, but eventually that will increase your risk of getting pinch flats.

When should I change my tires?

When they show excessive wear at tread or sides or when they show signs of cracking below tread or on sidewalls When they show excessive wear at tread or sides or when they show signs of cracking below tread or on sidewalls When they show excessive wear at tread or sides or when they show signs of cracking below tread or on sidewalls When they show excessive wear at tread or sides or when they show signs of cracking below tread or on sidewalls When they show excessive wear at tread or sides or when they show signs of cracking below tread or on sidewalls

What size tires does a 95 pontaic grand am se take?

Look on your tire you well see letters and numbers.

Who manufactures wild country tires?

Read the DOT code on the tire. The first two numbers & letters can tell you the plant that made them

How do I know my car's tire ratings?

You can find your tires' speed rating and load index listed on the sides of the tires. From there, you can use this guide to understand what those numbers mean:

Why do bicycle tires need to be pumped up to higher pressure than car tires?

Car tires have very stiff sidewalls, that can carry some of the load. Bike tires are flimsy and have to do it all by air pressure. Besides, om a bike, with the power restrictions of its human engine, it becomes more important to keep the rolling resistance down as much as possible.

What is the life expectancy of passenger car tires?

Usually 4 years is the expected life of a tire. After that and depending on climate conditions, tire material can begin to break down. Sidewalls begin to look "checked"( little cracks appear) , tires begin to lose air. That also depends on the use of the tires.

What should the air pressure be on 31x10.50R15 on a 1999 dodge durango?

Tires will have the maximum recommended air pressure embossed on the sidewalls of the tires themselves. The car manufacturer will have the recommended tire pressure on a label on the drivers door jamb and in the owners manual. This is what to set them at.

Who makes spector tires?

Check on the sidewall of the tire. On it you will find a bunch of wording. Look for the letters "DOT" on the side. Directly to the right of the DOT is a string of letters and numbers. Find the first two (2) letters or numbers or a combination of letter and number. Type the two digits into the "DOT ID" box at the following address in the link below On the right hand column, uncheck all the boxes except "tires" The manufacturer of the tire will be shown.

Why are NASCAR tires called stickers?

In Nascar, people refer to brand new Goodyear tires as sticker tires. Nascar teams keep the data sticker, which holds important information pertaining to the tire, on those new tires so they can try to keep the numbers in sequence for a better match.

What are low profile tires?

Low profile tyres are the tyres which are bigger from inside i.e. the bigger the rim size lower would be the profile of the tyre

Where can I find out about tire size?

To find the size of the tire you must look on your tires wheels.Read the numbers located on them then proceed to the store to buy new ones. The tires will have letters and numbers on them that a person shall read to the best of their ability and if they need help they can ask a mechanic or look elsewhere in an auto body shop. Some tires are bigger or smaller so make sure you get the right ones.

What is the tire size for the 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?

I'd refer to the info panel on the driver's side door jamb, or I'd just ask my local tire dealer. On the side wall of the tire there is a bunch of numbers and letters usually looking like P195/60R15 (example only). Those numbers correspond to the tires tread and size.

What does bsl mean on car tires?

Black Serrated Letters

What numbers on the tires need to stay the same when you buy new tires for the same rims and which numbers can you buy in different sizes?

The set of numbers in the middle, and the set of numbers at the end should remain the same, the first set of numbers can be change.

What is the proper psi setting for P205 75R15 tires on a 2003 Chevy Tracker?

The proper psi setting for P205 75R15 tires on a 2003 Chevy tracker is stamped on the sidewalls near the tire size number and it may not be the same PSI from one brand (as Michelin) to another (Bridgestone).

Where can I find cheap Goodyear wrangler tires ?

You will be able to find those tires in dealerships like Toyota or look at the Tire Rack website. They sell those tires and you can order them online from there.

What is the shelf life of a car tire?

I have a 1988, 36 foot motor home that has the original Michelin's tires on the tag Axel. We have never had a flat tire on the unit. The tires show some dry cracking in the sidewalls but still running. I limit it to only short trips these days,, To answer the question, who knows? Tires that have been kept in a condoled climate seem to last longer than those that are exposed to the elements. Well maintained tires " should" run 10 to 12 years with very few problems. Noting, that the tread depth is safe to run. Joe Putter

How do you know the size of car tires?

The size of tires you need is usually on a decal on driver door frame. The sizes on tires are printed in large letters on each side of the tire.

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