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they are green,they look like a flower bud and they grow on a long stem.


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they are green things that are parted with spike points.

globe artichoke, a kind of vegetable is called hathi chak....for how does it look likes, chek images for globe artichoke instead...

it tastes like artichoke that has been around the globe

the artichoke is in the cactus family. You can read about it at:

An artichoke grows from seed or a division of plants, and it grows best in sandy soil with plenty of drainage. An artichoke is normally ready to harvest and eat 110-150 days after it is planted. It is the bud of the flower for the artichoke plant. If it's not harvested it will blossom and it looks like a very large thistle.

No, the pineapple is a tropical monocot bromeliad which does look a little bit like an artichoke. The artichoke is related to the dicot thistles and is native to the Mediterranean regions.

I personally think that artichokes look like big flower buds!!

what does diffenbachia plants look like

I believe the artichoke is one.

No. Plants do not have hearts, because hearts are used to pump blood, and plants do not have blood, therefore they do not need and do not have a heart. Hearts of palm refers to the center of the palm, a tasty food, that many people like to eat, just as many people like to eat artichoke hearts which refers to the center of the artichoke, but hearts of palm and artichoke hearts are not hearts which pump blood, they are just the center of the plant, which is edible.

Actually, a artichoke is a flower bud. The cores of the artichoke stems, which taste like the artichoke heart, are edible if you take off the outside part first.

Plants food look like soil

animals and plants have their very own design. They could look like anything really.

Earliest land plants were like " liverworts" .

the artichoke symbolizes peace

Artichoke is the correct spelling.

The plural of artichoke is artichokes.

No, a cocktail artichoke is a standard artichoke that grows in the shadow underside of the plant. It gets less sun so it doesn't develope as large as your common globe artichoke.

not like animals or people, or buildings

I like thee Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip from Alton Brown from the Food TV network. You find this recipe on and do a search on Spinach and Artichoke Dip. The recipes has 5 star rating.

an artichoke is NOT a fruit it is a vegetable.

they look like humans, but in plant form.

they are little plants that humans only eat

Jo Franks wrote a great book of artichoke recipes. It's called "Artichoke Greats: Delicious Artichoke Recipes, The Top 98 Artichoke Recipes." If you're interested in artichoke spinach dip, this would probably be a great book to check out.

The Jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus) is not the same as the Jerusalem artichoke(Helianthus tuberosus) at all, the jicama is a legume while sunchokes (another name for Jerusalem artichokes) are a relation of sunflowers. They also taste very different, the Jicama, sometimes known as a yam bean, tastes a bit like apples and the Jerusalem artichoke tastes like artichoke crossed with potatoes

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