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What do artichokes grow on?

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Artichokes are best grown when they are planted in soil and when the exposure to sun is very good. Get all the maaterials and keep it in place before you start to plant Artichokes. You would need things like mulch, garden trowels, plants, shovels, compost makers, garden spades and fertilizers.

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Where do artichokes grow?

The ground

Do artichokes grow on a tree?


Can artichokes grow in Louisiana?


Do artichokes grow on trees?

No they grow on small annual plants that you grow in a garden.

How long does it take for artichokes to grow?

A year

How do artichokes grow?

They grow on big busy green plants that have several per bush. Coastal cool areas are the prime growth areas for artichokes.

In the US where do Artichokes grow?

Globe Artichokes are mostly grown in California. Some are also grown in Arizona.

How long does it take artichokes to grow?

it takes around 3 months for a artichoke to grow.

What countries grow artichokes?

The main producers are Italy, Spain, and France

What did the Persians grow for agricultre?

they grew rice, wheat, cilantro, and artichokes

What five countries that grow artichokes?

Italy, Spain, Egypt, Peru, and Argentina

What are artichokes?

Artichokes are flower buds.

What can you substitute for Jerusalem artichokes?

Jerusalem artichokes are not actually artichokes at all. If you do not have any on hand, you can substitute water chestnuts, or jicama for the Jerusalem artichokes.

Can vinegar be used to stop the discoloration of artichokes?

No vinegar can not be used to stop the discoloration of artichokes. Because artichokes have a light color the vinegar doesn't do anything to the artichokes.

What vegetables grow in throughout spring?

Artichokes, Arugula, Asparugus, Beets, Carrots, Greens, Gree onions...

What rhymes with artichokes?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word artichokes.

What is the difference between a globe artichoke and a Jerusalem artichoke?

Jerusalem artichokes aren't really artichokes, they are a root vegetable. Globe artichokes are just large, round artichokes.

Where did artichokes originate?

artichokes originated from North Africa. answer by :Haley Mitchell

What is artichokes called in Sinhalese?

suriyakantha ala

Do sunflowers regrow?

Most domesticated sunflower varieties are annuals, and do not grow back each year. Many wild varieties, as well as Jerusalem artichokes, are perennial, and do grow back.

What vitamins are found artichokes?

Artichokes contain potassium, vitamin C, folate and magnesium.

What techniques can be used for cooking artichokes?

You can either cook artichokes in a pressure cooker which results in delicious tender artichokes or you can slowly steam them to perfection. Both techniques are excellent.

What are artichokes made of?

Artichokes are a perennial thistle. You eat the large globular head which is formed from the flowers.

Can bunny's have artichokes?

Your rabbit will like raw artichokes but that seems to be awfully expensive rabbit food.

What animals eat artichokes?

There are a few animals that will eat artichokes. A few of the animals are birds, and some rodents.